Who’s on the committee? In this corner, City Hall Dallas Blackiston, chairman, Ward 1 alderman. His ward includes Downtown New Bern. Leaving office in December E.T. Mitchell, Ward 3 alderman. Her ward neighbors Downtown New Bern. Leaving office in December Jeffrey Odham, Ward 6 alderman. His ward comes nowhere near Downtown New Bern.  Mark Stephens, city manager. His staff reports form the basis of committee discussions and decisions. Brenda Blanco, city clerk. Posts agendas, keeps minutes, distributes background material … and peculiarly, is a voting member of the committee. Downtown folks, sort of John Bircher, Swiss Bear Downtown Development Corporation president (day job, lawyer) KevinRead More →

Various things I found interesting After sorting through a 300-page collection of background information and committee minutes (plus some odds and ends from last week’s committee meeting), I made the following notes: Committee member Leanna Tyson says she does not often visit downtown and was unaware city parking lots exist. E.T. Mitchell said she only goes downtown on weekends (although she does attend aldermen meetings, which are Tuesday evenings). Five voting committee members represent city hall including the city clerk. I can’t recall a city clerk ever having a vote. At any rate, it would be unsurprising if these five voted as a single bloc.Read More →

A newcomer to this, I am playing catchup with this committee and plan to cover it on Tuesday. Here’s the agenda:   Master Parking Plan Advisory Committee Agenda Regular meetings are held each Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Development Services Conference Room at 303 First Street. CITY OF NEW BERN MASTER PARKING PLAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE OCTOBER 31, 2017 – 3:30 P.M. DEVELOPMENT SERVICES’ CONFERENCE ROOM 303 FIRST STREET   Approve Minutes. Report from City Manager on Potential Locations for Charging Stations. Report from Signage Subcommittee. Discussion with Stakeholders on Potential Recommendations for Broad Street. Adjourn.Read More →

Cheri Moyers lives downtown. For her, it can be a scary, dangerous place. Moyers, a professional singer, real estate agent and former publisher of the New Bern franchise of The Coffee News, is also a force to be reckoned with. Her failing eyesight has left her legally blind, and getting around downtown, especially crossing downtown’s busy streets, is a dangerous thing. She, along with other sight-impaired people (and perhaps every other pedestrian in downtown New Bern) have noticed a lack of pedestrian signals. Moyers is leading a project to encourage the city to install pedestrian signals at about 10 downtown intersections, at a cost ofRead More →