Preliminary plans have been released for the proposed 850-acre Martin Marietta Park that depict something the size and scope of which would make it one of the most significant municipal parks in the state.
Aldermen, the mayor, staff and advisers will meet upstairs at City Hall at 1 p.m. Monday to discuss the park and a proposed city redevelopment area and commission. (Link to agenda; note that the link has a limited shelf life.)
As depicted in maps, Martin Marietta Park would include a large amphitheater, swimming area, boating area, hiking trails and numerous other features. The plan does not indicate how the city would pay for developing the park.


  1. LOOKS GREAT! I am impressed that there are so many new opportunities for outdoor fitness and recreation. I also like the multiple water access points on the lake and the canal leading in from the Neuse River. That lake is full of huge fish so fishing should be considered too where the public can launch small electric and man powered boats to access the center of the lake and some of the deep hole.

  2. Very disappointed not to see tennis/pickleball courts. All ages play tennis.. not all ages skate.

  3. Why can’t they open the drive in gate so seniors can fish and walk around the lakes ? A walk in park like it is now .You people are jacked.

  4. West New Bern Park and Rec has great tennis courts, Creekside’s are new, and possibly River Bend!! Hope you can find a place to play!

  5. I can seriously think of 13 different tennis courts off the top of my head in New Bern. Can one thing in this town not be completely geared towards seniors. Give the kids a skate park and finally they will have somewhere to hangout other than the Walmart parking lot

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