A tax credit opportunity zone designated for New Bern due to a purported high level of poverty is mostly made up of a decidedly well-to-do historic neighborhood, the city’s thriving downtown, and two major city parks. The zone also includes the New Bern Grand Marina, home port of some of New Bern’s nicest yachts. The zone also includes Trent Court and a rundown section of town between downtown and the Riverside Historic Neighborhood. “I believe we initially learned of the Opportunity Zones program from Alderman Jameesha Harris,” Colleen Roberts, New Bern public information officer, told the Post in an email.  “She was briefed about theRead More →

The City of New Bern will receive $475,000 to begin Phase I of Martin Marietta Park located on S. Glenburnie Road.  This funding will help kick off creation of the city’s largest ever park. The Governor’s Office released a list of 27 parks and recreation projects across the state that will receive funding through the NC Parks & Recreation Trust Fund, including Martin Marietta Park.    New Bern Parks & Recreation staff applied for the NC PARTF grant in May and learned last week that the City would be awarded funding.  The money will be used to install a children’s playground, boat launch, fishing pier,Read More →

Editor’s note: This is the full agenda with backup materials, but the translation from PDF to text has some glitches. The original PDF can be located here, CITY OF NEW BERN BOARD OF ALDERMEN MEETING AUGUST 28, 2018 – 6:00 P.M. CITY HALL COURTROOM 300 POLLOCK STREET   Meeting opened by Mayor Dana Outlaw. Prayer Coordinated by Alderman Bengel. Pledge of Allegiance.   Roll   Consent Agenda   Consider Approving a Proclamation for Friends of the Library   Consider Adopting a Resolution Closing the 600 Block of South Front Street for a Dedication Ceremony.   Approve Minutes.   ********************   Discussion of Part-Time Animal ControlRead More →

The city inched forward in a process that could lead to an 80-unit apartment complex off Carolina Avenue that would house some Trent Court residents to enable the New Bern Housing Authority to begin razing and replacing buildings in Trent Court. The Housing Authority has offered $200,000 for an 8-acre parcel off Carolina Avenue, which is off Trent Road. Aldermen voted 6-1 to have the parcel appraised, a non-committal way of keeping the concept alive without actually approving it. Baby steps … baby steps. The motion was made by Ward 6 Alderman Jeffrey Odham and seconded by Ward 3 Alderman Bobby Aster. What’s interesting aboutRead More →

Aldermen meet on Tuesday. Here’s the full agenda with background information (downloadable PDF). Among items on the agenda are: Presentation on the North Carolina Global TransPark. Presentation by the Housing Authority of the City of New Bern on a Proposed Offer to Purchase 703 Carolina Avenue. Here’s the basic agenda: CITY OF NEW BERN BOARD OF ALDERMEN MEETING JULY 24, 2018 – 6:00 P.M. CITY HALL COURTROOM 300 POLLOCK STREET 1. Meeting opened by Mayor Dana E. Outlaw. Prayer Coordinated by Mayor Outlaw. Pledge of Allegiance. 2. Roll Call. Consent Agenda 3. Consider Adopting a Proclamation Recognizing Tabari Wallace. 4. Consider Adopting a Proclamation forRead More →

Mayor Dana Outlaw declares the first and second motions dead based on lack of seconds. Alderman Sabrina Bengel promptly followed up with another motion that passed on a 4-1 vote.   Newly elected aldermen outvoted their more senior colleagues on Tuesday, initiating a more lenient utility rate deposit policy that takes effect July 1 but is not retroactive. On Alderman Sabrina Bengel’s motion and Alderman Jameesha Harris’ second, the board voted 4-3 for the revised policy, which states: Per fiscal year, deposits will not be assessed on the first payment arrangement.  Payment arrangements may be billed as installments.  No late penalties or fees will beRead More →

New Bern aldermen on Tuesday will consider a proposal to lessen the severity of the city’s utility deposit policy that has sometimes resulted in four-figure deposits for new customers with less than stellar credit, and soften other rules aimed at existing customers who fall behind in paying their bill. The recommendations cap the deposit at $500 for new residents, rather than the sum of the two highest bills rung up by the previous resident. It also won’t kick in the first time when a customer who has fallen behind asks for a payment arrangement, or the first time a customer’s check bounces. Payments could alsoRead More →

Note: Links expire when next agenda is posted CITY OF NEW BERN BOARD OF ALDERMEN MEETING JUNE 12, 2018 – 6:00 P.M. CITY HALL COURTROOM 300 POLLOCK STREET 1. Meeting opened by Mayor Dana E. Outlaw.  Prayer Coordinated by Alderman Odham.  Pledge of Allegiance. 2. Roll Call. 3. Request and Petition of Citizens. This section of the Agenda is titled Requests and Petitions of Citizens.  This is an opportunity for public comment, and we thank you for coming to the Board of Aldermen meeting tonight to share your views.  We value all citizen input.Speaker comments are limited to a maximum of 4 minutes during the public comment period. Read More →

Updated with corrected information about enterprise fund. Headed into the June 12 meeting during which the Board of Aldermen will actually approve the city budget, as written, the spending plan is good for public safety without raising taxes, but does little to correct deficiencies that make it harder for people with disabilities to live in the city. The plan calls for the addition of six firefighter positions at the Thurman Road fire house, which will enable the outpost station to more aggressively attack structure fires (and save lives of people trapped in burning buildings) without having to wait for backup from the city’s other stations,Read More →