Customers fed up with spotty internet service in the New Bern area from Suddenlink may see glimmers of hope following efforts ranging from City Hall to the U.S. Capitol. While long a sore spot among users, Suddenlink service has become particularly troublesome as students, families, businesses, and organizations have been forced to rely on internet service due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The New Bern Board of Aldermen has taken up the issue, and now so has U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy. The Board of Aldermen has committed to partnering with other North Carolina cities and towns in contacting the North Carolina Department of Justice, Attorney GeneralRead More →

Update: Crews are working quickly on Austin Avenue at Drew Avenue to repair a broken pipe fitting on an underground water main. Water is shut off to about 150 customers in Bluewater Rise, Evans Mill, and Sir James Lane. A planned outage was scheduled to begin overnight, but the pipe fitting collapsed on Monday, forcing a crew to start the work immediately with work expected to be done by 6 p.m. … Approximately 150 households will be affected during a July 28 outage. The City of New Bern Water Resources Division is planning the water outage next week. Crews have detected a broken fitting inRead More →

As Hurricane Dorian heads up the Carolina coastline, Duke Energy is projecting it could cause more than 700,000 power outages – some possibly lasting several days – based on the storm’s current forecasted track. The slow-moving, powerful hurricane will bring tropical-storm-force winds and rain over a large portion of the Carolinas. The company projects power outages are likely to occur Thursday and Friday: In North Carolina’s Triangle area (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). In South Carolina’s Pee Dee region (Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Lee, Marion, Marlboro and Williamsburg). Along the entire coasts of both North Carolina and South Carolina – extending to communities up to 100 miles inland. PowerRead More →

City of New Bern solid waste collection will be on a regular schedule. There is no change for the July Fourth holiday. Craven County Recycling will be on a regular schedule, as well. There is no change for the July Fourth holiday. Recycling will continue with the current program until citizens are notified otherwise. There are details still to be worked out with contractor. Craven County Convenience Sites will operate on a regular schedule for the July Fourth holiday. Operating hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7 a.m.-6:30 P.m. and Sunday 1-6:30 p.m. Citizens need to be unloaded and off premises by 6:20 p.m. to allow the attendants toRead More →

The Board of Aldermen meets Tuesday to consider the adjustment.  Here is the background information:   CITY OF NEW BERN BOARD OF ALDERMEN WORK SESSION FEBRUARY 12, 2019- 3:00 P.M. CITY HALL COURTROOM 300 POLLOCK STREET     Discussion and Consideration of Wholesale Electric Cost INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES REQUIRING SPECIAL ASSISTANCE SHOULD CALL 639-7501 NO LATER THAN 3 P.M. THE DATE OF THE MEETING   Background   ELECTRICITIES  I N O R T H C A R O L I N A, I N C, To: North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency Board of Commissioners and Alternates FROM: Kathy L. Moyer, Vice President, Operations DATE: January 28, 2019 SUBJECT:Read More →

Duke Energy crews are in the New Bern area to repair infrastructure that was damaged in December causing a widespread power outage. A Duke Energy contractor was performing vegetation management services on Dec. 19 when a transmission line was severed leaving City of New Bern customers without power for about seven hours.  A temporary fix restored power until permanent repairs could be made. Duke Energy started making permanent repairs to the system on Monday  The work is scheduled to be complete on by the end of February. City of New Bern electric customers are not expected to experience any power outages or fluctuations in serviceRead More →

A power outage in New Bern affected more than 1,700 customers. The city’s outage map acknowledged the problem but none of the city’s online or social media outlets explained the cause or said when power would be restored. Affected areas are shown in red on the map. Power was restored to all but five customers by 5:30 a.m.Read More →

The City of New Bern will resume certain utility fees that were suspended during hurricane Florence. Due to the storm’s widespread impact across our area, the Board of Aldermen unanimously agreed in September to temporarily suspend late fees, delinquencies and shutoffs for nonpayment.  The Board also agreed to waive new deposits for current customers until mid-November.  These actions effectively extended the due date of unpaid bills until such time that the City could recover from the hurricane. All past due amounts must be brought current by close of business on Friday, Dec. 7.  If customers are unable to get caught up or current, they areRead More →

The city is easing penalties for late utility payments in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. “The effects of this hurricane will be felt for some time to come as flooding and winds have caused widespread damage,” the city said in a news release. “We have had several calls regarding payment of utility bills during this event and we are expecting many customers will be relocating from their flooded or damaged homes.” To ease the burden on our customers during this difficult time, the following actions are planned: 1. Late fees and delinquencies will be suspended until further notice, effectively extending the due date of allRead More →