New Bern Post is discontinuing operations. New Bern Post editor Randy Foster and his wife Sarah will be leaving the New Bern area. Randy Foster was editor of the New Bern Sun Journal from 2009-2017 and New Bern Post from 2017 to present. “It was a great honor to be a journalist in New Bern,” Foster said. “I was among a long list of newspaper editors in New Bern dating to the 1740s.” Foster has been a journalist for more than 30 years and will continue to look for opportunities in journalism as they arise. A test merger between New Bern Post and New BernRead More →

Fire is a natural part of the environment and frequently occurs throughout North Carolina, even during a pandemic. Between March 2020 and March 2021, practitioners of prescribed fire burned more than 100,000 acres of forestland across the state. Nearly 76,000 of those acres have been burned this year. “It’s always good to see land managers and landowners working together to implement prescribed fire safely and effectively across the state,” said Thomas Crate, board president of the N.C. Prescribed Fire Council. “To see prescribed burning continue benefiting our forests and reducing the severity of wildfires during the pandemic, in the face of so many health andRead More →

By N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper North Carolina is emerging from a worldwide pandemic strong and growing, with new jobs and new neighbors arriving daily. We welcome this growth, but in order for our communities to thrive, our infrastructure must catch up and keep up. In recent weeks, Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff visited North Carolina with a plan to help transform our state and nation’s infrastructure. That means resilient roads and bridges. Rail and commuter transportation. Job training and trade skills through community colleges. Affordable housing opportunities, particularly in our historically underserved areas. Access to high-speed internet.Read More →

Editor: I understand from a download I received that a new Apple manufacturing plant is to be built in North Carolina- probably near Raleigh. This is news to me but perhaps well known to your readers. With your interest in the VOLT Center I think this bit of news is pertinent to New Bern, and Craven County. Craven County could build a subsidiary plant in Industrial Park to supply parts Apple will need, and CCC could train people for good-paying jobs at this subsidiary (rather than more and more hair-dressers). The reactionaries on the Craven County Board of Commissioners may want to look forward forRead More →

Some of our elected officials on the County Commission are currently pushing a proposal to make our county School Board partisan. Those promoting this plan are Republicans. Turning ALL elections partisan is currently a stated goal of the NC GOP. Those commissioners promoting this proposal claim their intention is to help voters know “who they are voting for.”  Since many Republicans in Craven County prefer to do straight-ticket voting, I’m guessing this stated intention is shorthand for supporting easy, straight-ticket voting for loyal Republican voters. My mom used to say “penny wise, pound foolish” when I had a bright idea that was probably going to workRead More →

New Bern Now and New Bern Post are merging operations, using the name New Bern Now. New Bern Now publisher Wendy Card and New Bern Post publisher Randy Foster reached the agreement on Friday, March 19, 2021. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our services and connect people with our community,” Card said. “This was the perfect time to join forces for the greater good.” “New Bern Post and New Bern Now have been working collaboratively since New Bern Post started in 2017,” Foster said. “We sometimes have the same or similar content, and sometimes original, unique content. It was just a natural andRead More →

Craven County Commissioner’s will meet at 11 a.m. today (March 15) during a work session in which they will seek state approval to restore partisan elections to the county School Board. The meeting will be held at New Bern Riverfront Convention Center. The draft resolution seeks state legislation to enable partisan elections at the school board level. They say that current non-partisan elections have low voter turnout and withhold party affiliation that may be useful to voters. Longtime school board member Carr Ipock posted a history of school board elections. It is reposted here with his permission: “Many, many years ago, the Craven County BoardRead More →

New board member is sworn in during special ceremony New Bern mortician Victor Dove was sworn in to replace Beatrice Riggs Smith on the a raven County school board on Thursday. Smith was selected by the Craven County Board of Commissioners to fill the District 3 seat held by the late Johnnie Sampson, Jr., who died of COVID-19-related pneumonia on Nov. 5, 2020. Smith, who was the first black female to hold a principalship in the integrated Craven County Schools system, is the first black female Craven County Commissioner. Smith was selected at the Dec. 14, 2020 Board of Commissioners work session and was swornRead More →

A broad group of organizations representing the community’s physicians, physician assistants, health clinics, hospitals and local health departments strongly encourages everyone currently eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine to do so as soon as possible. Organizations include the North Carolina Medical Society, North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians, North Carolina Healthcare Association, North Carolina Community Health Center Association, North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors, and the North Carolina Public Health Association. Getting vaccinated with one of the three authorized vaccines is crucial to stemming the severity of the illness caused by the COVID-19 virus and the spread of its more transmissible variants, the groupRead More →