The NC Department of Transportation and the NC Department of Health and Human Services announced that approximately $2.5 million in Coronavirus Relief Funding is being distributed to local transit agencies across the state to help pay for rides for individuals who need transportation assistance to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. “Every North Carolinian has a spot and needs to get their shot,” said Governor Roy Cooper. “As vaccine supply increases, we are deploying every resource to make sure people have access and are not held back by barriers like lack of transportation.” Each local transit agency will receive a set amount of funding, and the initiativeRead More →

In order to help communicate each school’s challenges with in-person instruction and the impact of COVID-19 on staff, Craven County Schools is implementing a new communication protocol. This protocol will tell you how close your child(ren)’s school could be to returning to online learning because of a lack of available staff. Before any school would be considered for a transition to online learning, it will use all available substitute teachers and other support staff to cover classrooms. However, in some cases, depending on the number of employees who have to quarantine, they may have to make transitions to online learning for individual schools for temporaryRead More →

Craven County politically is a sea of red surrounding an island of blue, judging from results from the Nov. 3 presidential election results. But one thing should be remembered: Nowhere is the county free of Democrats, and nowhere is the county free of Republicans. On this, Inauguration Day, as Joe Biden becomes president and Kamala Harris becomes vice president, there are those who don’t accept that people within their own community may vote differently. They hang with their own kind, so to speak. So often I hear people say that one candidate could not have gotten so many votes, because no one they know votedRead More →

The Craven County Health Department has filled all appointment slots for the week of Jan. 19, 2021. Online scheduling is now closed. The online scheduler will open back up once the county notices of its next vaccine shipment from NCDHHS. Information can change daily, so check the county’s vaccine page frequently.  If you have questions, call 252-636-6693 for assistance. Craven County updated its COVID-19 vaccination plan on Jan. 14 in accordance with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) plan that directly aligns with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. The CDC announced new guidance this weekregarding individuals 65 years of ageRead More →

New Bern Post LLC, the New Bern-based parent company of New Bern Post, has acquired North Carolina Travels (link), a statewide travel website established in 2010 by Matt Barrett, respected around the world for his travel writing. The handoff occurred several weeks ago and went live a week ago in a soft launch. New Bern Post Editor & Publisher Randy Foster has reimagined North Carolina Travels while at the same time retaining and updating all the content and qualities of the original site. What is new is how North Carolina Travels will be approaching tourism and travel moving forward. While Barrett will continue to contributeRead More →

Craven County passed 6,000 COVID-19 lab-confirmed cases between Tuesday and Wednesday, with a new death bringing the county’s COVID-19 death toll to 89. There have been four deaths so far in Craven County in January 2021. Craven County has 6,094 lab-confirmed cases, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. Craven County Schools has reported eight staff and 22 students have tested positive so far in January. So far this school year, 71 staff members and 76 students have tested positive for COVID-19. North Carolina is currently providing vaccinations to individuals in Phase 1a:Read More →

The improv comedy group Walk-In Bathtub will host a 4-hour “Improv-A-Thon” at New Bern Civic Theater (NBCT) Saturday, Jan. 9. The performance will begin at 5 p.m. and include four 45-minute shows, with 15 minutes of cleaning between each show. Performing a series of silly and unscripted games that are inspired by audience suggestions, Walk-In Bathtub’s performances are reminiscent of the popular TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Team members must create scenes and act out suggestions from the audience without the help of a script–or dialogue in some cases–that result in comedic and unexpected scenarios. Saturday’s Improv-a-Thon is a celebration “National Bubble BathRead More →

The Craven County Health Department has been swamped by a surge in new COVID-19 cases amid the rollout of vaccine. “Right now the entire state is an area of concern,” Health Department spokesperson Amber Tabarrini said. “We went from 36th in the nation to 7 in the nation for COVID-19 transmission a few days ago. We are trying to test and give vaccinations and stand up a call center. It is all hands on deck and we are doing all that we can do.” The Health Department stopped issuing daily reports to the public due to the increased workload, Tabarrini indicated. “Most of the reportingRead More →

The number of COVID-19 cases in Craven County increased by more than 300 since the last report from the Craven County Health Department on Dec. 31, 2020. The number is alarmingly high, but artificially so — somewhat. Dec. 31 was not only the last report, it was the last time Craven County Health will be issuing daily reports. The department is handing that off to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. The number of cases reported at the county level has been trending lower than the number reported by the state. For consistency’sRead More →

In 2014, Karen Miller left Long Island where she was a caterer and event planner, with the goal to retire in New Bern. But she loved her career and just couldn’t give it up. She found herself going back and forth to New York to cater for her clients there. Gradually, she shifted her attention to New Bern. She opened Sweet Pea’s Café on Middle Street. She found success there, but the kitchen and refrigeration were insufficient for her catering. She sold the café and rented refrigerator space in a colleague’s kitchen so she could continue her catering business, Posh Palate Caterers. Business grew andRead More →