Who’s on the committee?

In this corner, City Hall

  • Dallas Blackiston, chairman, Ward 1 alderman. His ward includes Downtown New Bern. Leaving office in December
  • E.T. Mitchell, Ward 3 alderman. Her ward neighbors Downtown New Bern. Leaving office in December
  • Jeffrey Odham, Ward 6 alderman. His ward comes nowhere near Downtown New Bern. 
  • Mark Stephens, city manager. His staff reports form the basis of committee discussions and decisions.
  • Brenda Blanco, city clerk. Posts agendas, keeps minutes, distributes background material … and peculiarly, is a voting member of the committee.

Downtown folks, sort of

  • John Bircher, Swiss Bear Downtown Development Corporation president (day job, lawyer)
  • Kevin Roberts, New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce president (day job, New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce president)
  • Caroline Smith, Tourism Development Authority


Actually live and/or work downtown

  • Maria Cho, Historic Downtown Residents Association primary (and Kate Rosenstrauch, Historic Downtown Residents Association alternate)
  • Buddy Bengel, Swiss Bear DDC appointee, (day job, businessman; son of Alderman-elect Sabrina Bengel)
  • Danny Batten, Downtown Merchants Council (day job, Surf, Wind & Fire)


Has heard of downtown, sort of

  • Leanna Tyson, Young Professionals Group, Tyson and Hooks Realty

Yeah, about that parking on Broad Street …
Odds and ends
No one will be happy
Did anyone say “parking structure”?
Meeting, Tuesday, at the police substation


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