Craven County passed 6,000 COVID-19 lab-confirmed cases between Tuesday and Wednesday, with a new death bringing the county’s COVID-19 death toll to 89. There have been four deaths so far in Craven County in January 2021. Craven County has 6,094 lab-confirmed cases, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. Craven County Schools has reported eight staff and 22 students have tested positive so far in January. So far this school year, 71 staff members and 76 students have tested positive for COVID-19. North Carolina is currently providing vaccinations to individuals in Phase 1a:Read More →

By Wendy Littrell, RN – RACCarolinaEast Medical Center My name is Wendy Littrell and I have been a nurse here at CarolinaEast Medical Center for 18 years. Some of you may know me as the “tall blonde” wearing the mask during the flu season for years. I did not know that I would be setting a trend for years later! My COVID-19 story is a little different from others. My story revolves around my sister Kaiya. She is 59 years old and lives in Jacksonville. She and her husband are retired Marines and have two college-age children. Shortly after the onset of COVID-19, Kaiya wasRead More →

COVID-19 vaccinations will begin Friday, Jan. 8, 2021, for the Phase 1b priority population, which includes individuals ages 75 and older as well as health care workers. CarolinaEast, Coastal Carolina Health Care (CCHC), and Craven County Health Department are working together to vaccinate citizens. If you are a patient of CarolinaEast Physicians or CCHC, your physician or physician office will contact you to schedule an appointment; you do not need to call your physician’s office. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. CarolinaEast Health System is working with local medical providers to begin vaccination of the Phase 1b priority population consistent with theRead More →

The Craven County Health Department has been swamped by a surge in new COVID-19 cases amid the rollout of vaccine. “Right now the entire state is an area of concern,” Health Department spokesperson Amber Tabarrini said. “We went from 36th in the nation to 7 in the nation for COVID-19 transmission a few days ago. We are trying to test and give vaccinations and stand up a call center. It is all hands on deck and we are doing all that we can do.” The Health Department stopped issuing daily reports to the public due to the increased workload, Tabarrini indicated. “Most of the reportingRead More →

Three more people were added to the COVID-19-related casualty list in Craven County between Monday and Tuesday, making it one of the deadliest 24-hour periods since the pandemic started here in March 2020. The three deaths bring Craven County’s total death count to 87. No other details about the deaths are available. The Craven County Health Department stopped issuing daily COVID-19 updates on Dec. 31. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. It is unknown when the individuals died, as was often the case previously, the day a death was reported sometimes was a day or many days after the actual death. ThreeRead More →

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services announced it has updated its vaccination plan to align with new federal recommendations. The changes simplify the vaccine process and continue the state’s commitment to first protect health care workers caring for patients with COVID-19, people who are at the highest risk of being hospitalized or dying, and those at high risk of exposure to COVID-19. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. “While there is still much to do, we head into 2021 with a powerful tool to stop this pandemic– vaccines,” said NCDHHS Secretary Mandy K. Cohen, M.D. “However, because supplies areRead More →

The number of COVID-19 cases in Craven County increased by more than 300 since the last report from the Craven County Health Department on Dec. 31, 2020. The number is alarmingly high, but artificially so — somewhat. Dec. 31 was not only the last report, it was the last time Craven County Health will be issuing daily reports. The department is handing that off to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. The number of cases reported at the county level has been trending lower than the number reported by the state. For consistency’sRead More →

Craven County has 5,040 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 1 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020, ending the year at a sobering milestone, as well as breaking a new record: highest number of active cases so far. Craven County has 963 active cases and 26 hospitalized. There were 101 new cases between Wednesday and Thursday. For more New Bern Post COVID-19 coverage, go here. Meanwhile, 3,994 individuals have recovered or are presumed recovered based on guidelines set by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The death toll ended the year at 83. Transmission As of January 1, 2021, the Craven County HealthRead More →

CarolinaEast Medical Center reached its highest number of COVID-19 patients on Tuesday, with 42 beds occupied and forcing a third COVID ward to be opened. CarolinaEast set its record on the same day that Craven County itself set a record for residents hospitalized due to COVID-19, with 29 patients. CarolinaEast Medical Center is a regional facility that serves Craven and surrounding counties. Dr. Ronald May, CarolinaEast Vice President of Medical Affairs, said staff members are exhausted and this current spike is still stemming from the Thanksgiving holiday, WCTI News Channel 12 reported. May said he believes there is more to come. “We haven’t seen anyRead More →

Craven County set a one-day record of 29 residents hospitalized for COVID-19-related reasons on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020. The previous record was 27 cases set on Oct. 15 and tied on Dec. 28. CarolinaEast Medical Center has 35 total COVID-19 cases and its ICU beds are at 80 percent capacity, according to New York Times tracking data. CarolinaEast has five remaining ICU beds available, according to the tracking data. Meanwhile the number of new cases in Craven County jumped by 86 between Monday and Tuesday, with one new death. It’s too early to tell whether the jump in cases over the last 24 hours isRead More →