New Bern ranks second in North Carolina and 75th in the nation for EMT and paramedic services, according to Security Choice.
Among North Carolina cities, Greenville ranked 19th, New Bern 75th, and Asheville ranked 83rd.
The survey took into account all of the data available for 645 cities across the nation. The final categorization was based primarily on five categories which were weighted by level of importance to those in the profession:

  • 35% Mean Salary of EMTs Paramedics/EMTs by City
  • 5% FBI Crime Data
  • 25% Location Quotient for Paramedics/EMTs (Share of employment in the City vs National Average)
  • 15% Paramedic Job Projection
  • 20% Cost of Living

“Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) work in an exciting, but stressful field,” according to the article. “As first responders, these professionals make decisions on a daily basis that greatly impact the care and outcomes for patients in an emergency scenario. Emergency Medical Services also report a far higher incidence of injury and death on the job than any other equivalent profession. Most EMTs and paramedics choose the field because they love the work. With the high level of stress associated with the profession, it’s important to choose a location where the best quality of life is possible, on the job and off the clock.”
Key Takeaways:
Arizona offers a great life quality for Paramedics and EMTs. In the top 20 cities, four are in the state of Arizona. Of those, three are in the top 10. Of these cities in Arizona, all have a lower than average crime rate and the cost of living is on average with a paramedic/EMT’s salary.
Low population cities are heavily represented. The average population in the top 20 cities was 54,000. The overall dataset’s average was 160,000. Areas with less congestion and residents yielded a better overall quality of life for this profession.
Western states don’t feature many cities in the top 100 list. Although California’s Santa Rosa is featured in the top 10 best cities and Washington’s cities are heavily represented throughout the top 100, many western states are not represented at all. No cities from Oregon, Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming proved to be advantageous for this profession.
Southern cities are among the best for EMTs and paramedics. Of the top 20 cities represented, seven of them are southern states. Georgia is well represented on this list, with two cities in the top 10 and three in the top 20.

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