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  1. Greg Smith, I only met him once. I went in to Mitchell Hardware to buy 2 special New Bern mugs so that I could remember New Bern every time I drank my hot tea. I moved to Denver. Greg knew why I was there and insisted that he get me the 2 best quality mugs he had behind the counter. They were a better quality and he said they must make it to Denver without breaking. I also bought a New Bern pot holder. Greg gave me a magnet and some pencils. I left the store that day feeling like Greg made a difference in my day and I am sure that he made a difference to this wonderful town. You will be missed.

  2. This is just so sad on so many levels. Greg was a great ambassador of New Bern and a true gentleman. He will be sorely missed. Blessings to his family and friends.

  3. So very sad, we love that store and visit everytime we come to New Bern

  4. My sympathies to your family in this trying time

  5. So hate to hear this. He was the nicest guy. He gave me two wooden candle Christmas tree ornaments years ago. I was in there looking around and saw them on their tree and asked did he have any for sale. He said no and it had been a few years since they had those. I continued shopping around and he came to me with two (one of Each color wrapped in tissue paper). I still cherish them and enjoy them each year. Very sweet man and gesture I remember it every time I would go into the store and each time I see them on my own tree. Prayers for peace and comfort to his loved ones.

  6. How sad! Greg was the consummate champion of the merchants of downtown New Bern. He was one of the most community-minded individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know. Sincerest condolences to his family, his extended family and his employees. Greg will be greatly missed by our community!

  7. Mr. Greg is one of those amazing gentleman I’ve met since living in New Bern the out going support he has given to all in this community is simply phenomenal! He will never be forgotten and has truly been a blessing for everyone he has come in contact with. My family and I will continue to pray for his family.

  8. Going into Mitchell’s was always fun when visiting downtown New Bern. And Greg would always greet you like you were an old friend even if he didn’t remember your name. He had a knack for his business and must have had a strong will not to cave into the more modern hardware store model. It won’t be the same not seeing him inside or outside the store.

  9. In my 20 years knowing Greg I can honestly say he was the kindest person I have ever met he would always go out of his way to come shake my hand and say hey friend and when I left he would shake my hand and say bye friend he would always ask about my family and always had a smile on his face when Greg was made the broke the mold he will truly be missed

  10. Each time we came to visit family, a trip to the hardware store was a must. Not only was this store nostalgic in so many ways, but the warmth of Mr Greg & employees made him & New Bern a very special place & experience. We are saddened to hear of his passing.

  11. I know Greg both through work and as a neighbor. He was one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve met and was always able to make anybody smile. Everyone in our family will miss him and he and his family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  12. So sorry to hear this!! Greg will be missed dearly by all who knew him. He was my best friend from college at NC State and has been a dear friend for over 40 years! RIP good buddy.

  13. Oh, no! I am shocked and saddened! I met Greg about three years ago when he began carrying my humor books, the “Life is Short” series. He always had a smile on his face and was helpful, courteous and fun! And did I mention enthusiastic?! He met my daddy (then, 87 years old and has since passed) and reminsced about the good old days in New Bern. Dad worked at the old Bootery shoe store for Nathan Thompson starting in the 1950s. Greg was so kind and patient, updating Dad on the downtown merchants. I am sure the entire community is grieving for this fine upstanding businessman who gave his all. God rest his soul, dear one.

  14. I always looked forward to my conversations with Greg when visiting the store. He was truly devoted to his store and New Bern. His passion for and love of his work was obvious. One would never know the Greg was not a native New Bernian as he knew more about the city than most natives. He will be missed by many.

  15. Your contagious smile and bear hugs will never be forgotten. May your employees and especially your family carry on the love for your dear New Bern. May God comfort your beloved family and friends during this season. You will be dearly missed, Daphne Sherring

  16. So very sad to hear about Greg’s passing, he was truly an ambassador for New Bern and downtown, he will be missed by many. Prayers for his family, employees and friends

  17. As a businessman, if you asked me for a model to pattern as businessperson, Greg is who I would point to. His devotion to the many times forgotten way a business should be, was an inspiration. He showed so many times that it was not necessary to be a “cookie cutter” storefront. He was equally dedicated to his downtown and his city. ALWAYS ready to donate his time, his money, his energy, and his talents to make New Bern a better place to be.
    I sincerely hope that others can take what he demonstrated and expand it like ripples in a pond. He would LOVE that!

  18. Greg Smith was a great example of what a retail merchant should be. Always enjoyed visiting Mitchell’s Hardware and talking with Greg about community affairs as well as his years spent in Kinston with the Boy Scouts. Greg’s move to New Bern was a tremendous gain for New Bern, but a great loss for Kinston!
    Just happy that I had the opportunity to see and talk with him over the years. Enjoy your heavenly home my friend & all the best to your family and many friends. We will all miss you.

  19. A light went out in New Bern today. We will all miss Greg so much! Mitchell Hardware was one of the first stores that we visited when we visited New Bern twelve years ago and every year since then Mitchell Hardware is the first place downtown that we visit with our out-of-town guests. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce I appreciated Greg’s leadership and he was a great and knowledgeable communicator. He will be sorely missed.

  20. I am so sorry to hear of Greg’s death. Whenever I visit New Bern, there are several trips to Mitchell’s Hardware on my agenda. I always find something I “need” there! 🙂 He was a kind and gracious store owner and I am sure he will be greatly missed.

  21. Here the dearest treasure of our city has been taken. A true friend and a honorable human being. None better.

  22. He always welcomed me with that broad smile and a hug on occasion. I could find things there that were found no where else and spring planting was never complete without a visit to Mitchell’s Hardware. Where else could you find just enough seeds at a more than reasonable price to have a fantastic garden and excellent conversation about gardening and life?

  23. Someone that will truly will be missed. Always helpful, always polite and pleasant. If you look up the phrase “Southern Gentleman” I’m quite sure his picture will be next to the line. A sad passing indeed.

  24. Such a tragic loss for our beautiful city. Greg was an advocate for New Bern at every turn. He will surly be missed by all. He always had a smile on his face and a warm greeting for anyone who darkened his doorway. We will surly miss this dear friend, his wonderful smile and his warm ways. God’s Blessings for his family, friends and employees who were family to him. RIP, Greg…we will sell miss you and your friendship.

  25. My husband and I lived in New Bern as a military family. Every time someone came to visit us we would bring them to Mitchell’s and Greg was always there with a smile on his face. He helped my husband and I get out first garden growing by advising and making suggestions. I am so glad we met him and will cherish our memories of him.

  26. Heaven just became a happier, more friendly place. We will miss you Greg, and remember.

  27. Greg – with his infectious smiles and bear hugs, will be missed by everyone who knew him. He was one of the most caring people I know. We have lost a saint and God has another angel.

  28. After living in New Bern for 25 years, my husband and I decided to retire in Arizona.
    We dreaded saying goodbye to many wonderful people in New Bern. The one person we had the most difficult time saying goodbye to was Greg. He was everyone’s best friend. Everyone was Greg’s best friend.

  29. New Bern has truly lost its lead cheerleader. Greg always had a smile, whether you were a stranger in town or an old friend. I learned so much from him as I learned how to garden in the south; we compared techniques and knowledge of planting process; and celebrate our successes. A compassionate and caring gentleman, he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Greg.

  30. This is truly a shock, I recently talked to him and always enjoyed my time in Mitchell’s Hardware. Greg to me was a picture of health. Whenever I visited the store we would make eye contact and always chatted for awhile. He was a true champion of the city and will be sorely missed

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