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  1. A life should not be measured by it’s length but by what you do with it.
    Greg did very well.

  2. I knew Greg well, having worked for him for nearly thirty years. He spoke fondly of you, Randy. I hope you will complete your book. I know Greg was a modest man, but I still think he would have smiled in appreciation.

  3. Yes I would love to see you finish the book. Would love to read more about Greg. Where he lived, where he went to school. If his parents were still living. If he was an only child. More about his children and their families. I know it would be great reading. He was such and important person here in NEW BERN. Did so much for our town and loved doing it and didn’t think twice about doing it. Would love to read more about him. It is going to be so odd not seeing him in front of the store or standing in his colonial attire at the gates of Tryon Palace saying HEAR YEE HEAR YEE WELCOME TO COLONIAL TRYON PALACES CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION. With that big big infectious smile and grin. HE WILL BE SO MISSED. GOD BLESS YOU GREG AND REST IN PEACE DEAR FRIEND. See you again someday.

  4. If we could all just live our lives at even a fraction of how Greg lived his….imagine what this City, this Community could be! I have many years of fond memories of him. I will never forget them or Greg!
    Rest in peace my friend, I will do my best, and so will others, to carry on your legacy of kindness, support, love and loyalty to all. I thank you for your friendship and support.

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