Note: Corrects N.C. State Senate District 2 results


Scott Dacey seriously underestimated Walter Jones and seriously misread the mood of the congressional district. More

Ginger Garner will go against Norman Sanderson for N.C. State Senate District 2.

Barbara Lee will go against Mike Speciale in N.C. House of Representatives District 3. Speciale held off a spirited challenge in the Republican primary from Eric Queen, winning 57.24 percent of the vote, an underwhelming showing for an incumbent going against a newcomer. He’s going to have to have a better showing in November if he’s going to beat Lee, a well-known former New Bern alderman. In the primary, Speciale was contending with Republican voters divided over his conduct in office. In November, Speciale faces Democrat and independent voters, as well.

Incumbent Sheriff Jerry Monette had more competition from Eric Smith in the Democratic primary than he perhaps expected. Had there not been a third candidate, John Gillyard, Smith may well have won. Now Monette faces Chip Hughes, who won the Republican primary default without a challenger. Hughes has run against Monette in the past unsuccessfully.

E.T. Mitchell has worn a lot of hats during her nine years in New Bern, sitting on boards for the Twin Rivers YMCA, Craven Literacy Volunteers, Craven Community College Foundation, New Bern Housing Authority, and as an appointee to the New Bern Board of Aldermen. Her recipe for success includes experience, time, talent and lots and lots of money. She raised $27,052 and spent $16,866, according to the latest report on file. Billy Joiner, the Trent Woods commissioner who ran against her, launched a half-hearted attempt. The result: 60.6 percent of the vote to Mitchell, 39.4 percent for Joiner. Yes, Mitchell beat Santa Claus. Who says money doesn’t talk?

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Craven County, District 5 Commissioner Theron McCabe won his reelection bid against Rufus Carter Jr., by eight votes.

Candidates who ran unopposed:

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 1 — Jeff O’Neill, Democrat, running against incumbent Tom Mark, who won his Republican primary

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 2 — Jason Jones, unopposed in the Democrat primary, no one ran in the Republican primary. He wins by default.

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 3 — Johnnie Sampson, opposed in the Democrat primary, no candidates in the Republican primary, he wins by default.

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 4 — E.T. Mitchell won the Republican primary, there is no Democrat running, so she takes the office by default. (Incumbent Scott Dacey ran for Congress and lost)

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 5 — Theron McCabe won the Democrat primary, there is no Republican running, so he retains his office by default.

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 6 — George Liner ran in the Republican primary unopposed, and there is no Democrat challenger, so he retains his office by default.

Craven County Board of Commissioners District 7 — Denny Bucher ran unopposed in the Republican primary, Kelli Muse ran opposed in the Democrat primary. They face off in November. (Incumbent Steve Tyson did not run)

Craven County Sheriff — Chip Hughes ran unopposed in the Republican primary, faces incumbent Sheriff Jerry Monette who won the Democrat primary.

Craven County Clerk of Superior Court — Incumbent Terri Sharp unopposed Democrat, Lexanne Huffman unopposed Republican, face off in November.

District Attorney — Scott Thomas, unopposed in the primary, no challenger in November, keeps his office by default.

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  1. Dacey’s showing was pretty horrendous, but he did get to set the stage for a run in 2020 when Walter Jones retires.
    Trump’s popularity then, or lack thereof, could easily dictate how well Dacey does.

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