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  1. This is a good govt function where commercial licenses are subject to “safe public” rules . Hopefully non ABC establishments could also be looked at . If funded properly, that agency could look in to Natl Ave stores in town and other food related sales shops in various sections in Craven county

  2. Was the citation written by Chip Hughes? or his campaign person, Knight? good ol transparent politics

  3. Oh, and it is impressive that Monette has operated a store at that location since 1872. He doesn’t look that old.

    1. Author

      Thanks. Typo fixed to 1972.

  4. Randy, checking to see if you are available to go to an Emergency meeting of the Board of Education. At 4:00 today. There is a large amount of trouble & and rapidly declining employment statistics. This may be something to check. Seems some of the Board should be in a zoo with the Ostrich, as they choose to look at things. Take care

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