New Bern aldermen and the mayor will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, one day after the Board of Aldermen’s regular meeting, to discuss a proposed redevelopment agency and controversial utility deposits.
The special meeting will start at noon Wednesday in the City Hall Courtroom.
This meeting was scheduled separately from the board’s regular meeting due to the complexities of the two issues.
Aldermen and the mayor have been looking at forming a redevelopment agency to solve problems of urban decay in the Five Points area.
The utility deposit program, initiated by the previous Board of Aldermen shortly after it was seated, imposes deposits on utility customers who have struggled to keep current with their bills.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to know what sense did it make to add more to residents utility bill when they had a hard time paying their regular bill. I hope they will do away with those deposits. They (deposits) never made any sense. Just a way to get more money from the poor.

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