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The North Carolina Operation Lifesaver (NCOL) Board of Directors appointed Jim Westmoreland to serve as the Board Chair and President of NCOL at its first quarter meeting on February 25, 2021. Westmoreland has served on the NCOL Board of Directors since July 2017 and has a passion for rail safety. “Each year, we lose too many North Carolinians to unnecessary, rail-related incidents,” Westmoreland said. “With my appointment as Board Chair, I hope to raise statewide awareness of this issue and to work with my fellow Board members and rail safety partners to help reduce our numbers.” In North Carolina in 2020, 12 people lost theirRead More →

Earlier today, New Bern Post had a story reporting that New Bern has among the lowest car insurance rates in the nation. It’s a good thing, because New Bern residents as a whole aren’t very good managing their money. A WalletHub study shows that New Bern is in the 20th percentile for money management. The lower the percentile score, the worst the money management. New Bern isn’t alone in poor money management in Eastern North Carolina. Greenville’s percentile is 22 percent. Kinston’s percentile ranking is 15 percent. Jacksonville’s percentile is 2 percent. Yes — 2 percent. Remember, low percentiles are bad and high percentiles areRead More →

Report also shows latest statistics and information on Alzheimer’s prevalence, incidence, mortality and cost of care in North Carolina and nationally Statewide deaths attributable to Alzheimer’s and dementia spike during COVID-19  Findings from two national surveys appearing in the Alzheimer’s Association 2021 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report reveal that discrimination is a barrier to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. More than one-third of Black Americans (36 percent) and nearly one-fifth of Hispanic Americans (18 percent) and Asian Americans (19 percent), believes discrimination would be a barrier to receiving Alzheimer’s care. In addition, half or more of non-White caregivers say they have experienced discrimination when navigating health care settings for their care recipient.Read More →

With states opening up more but a full reopening only possible once most of the population has been vaccinated, the personal-finance website WalletHub on Tuesday released updated rankings for the States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions. To identify which states have the fewest coronavirus restrictions, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 14 key metrics. Our data set ranges from whether restaurants are open to whether the state has required face masks in public and workplace temperature screenings. Source: WalletHub North Carolina numbers Coronavirus Restrictions in North Carolina (1=Fewest, 25=Avg.): 16th – Requirement to Wear a Face Mask in Public 18th – State GuidanceRead More →

Email New Bern Post received today through its contact form: Name Gavin Macredie Singh Comment or Message Hello Sir!I hope u doing well today!My name is Alex Cortez and I am contact you from TruLife Distribution company. I do marketing for company.Plz listen careful as important!I will require you to 1) leave a 5 star review for us on GMB and Trust Pilot (link removed)  2) like our video and watch it for 60 seconds minimum (link removed) 3) visit our site and add bookmark (link removed) 4) Like Insta and Facebook page (links removed) If you do not comply, I will have no choice and blastRead More →

New Bern has some of the cheapest auto insurance in the United States, according to a recent report by Insurify on the state of the Auto Insurance Industry.  This report also identified the main regional factors that may result in lower insurance rates: Lower risk of extreme weather and crime rates Relatively lenient local laws and regulations Lower traffic congestion New Bern ranks 8th nationally with an average rate of $730. Asheville, Chapel Hill, and Statesville also made the Top 10 list. North Carolina dominates the Top 10 list, with four cities represented. Arizona has two cities, with four cities — California, Hawaii, Maine, andRead More →

Craven County remains one of the highest among COVID-19 spread in North Carolina, but numbers have dropped dramatically since the post-Christmas Holiday spike. COVID-19 spread in Craven County is described as “substantial” (orange) in the County Alert System managed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Craven County had been “critical” (red) in the previous report, along with the majority of counties in the state. Craven County has had 445 new lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last two weeks, an elevated rate but half what it experienced following the Christmas break and a lower rate than what is occurring in neighboring PamlicoRead More →

Recall back to October 2020, a kitchen fire in Craven Terrace left a New Bern family of four temporarily homeless for almost two weeks. Craven Terrace management arranged a temporary but smaller apartment for the single mother and her three special needs daughters. As they entered the fresh apartment, this is what met them: Here is video they took upon entering the apartment for the first time: For the next two months, Dinah Foskey complained all the way up the chain about conditions, with little result. Then, just as she was scheduled to return to her original apartment, she was given an eviction notice instead.Read More →

By Karyn Seltzer, for New Bern Post: “The Bridges at Union Point” is the 11th novel from Les Pendleton and the first I’ve read by this local author. I’m always searching for a good story and I’m glad I was introduced to Pendleton. I will continue to read his books in succession. This novel, the most recent addition to the Pendleton library, is set in New Bern, and contains references to many local businesses, their owners, and local citizens. Being a New Bern resident, I felt a special connection to the setting and characters. The “Union Point” journey, which spans from in 1986 to theRead More →