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  1. I would still insist that the Board of Aldermen demonstrate how this plan will impact the local community of Ghent, given the planned traffic for the city venue on 1st. Make sure they include any planned changes to traffic access points, stop signs, etc.
    You should be shown a video simulation of the number of vehicles that travel through that space, hour for hour, day by day. And then imagine the impact during a major event such as Mumfest. The NC transport guys can mock it all up for you and show you what it looks like. INSIST.
    If the results are as thrilling as they expect, you will all be wowed and won over. If not, they need to answer.

  2. This is really an instance of the city chasing grant monies, a common practice among municipal and nonprofit groups. They chase all the money they can hoping that something will connect. Often the thing that connects is not something the grantee is especially talented in doing.
    However, once accepted, a grantee must do what is required and requested or the money is recalled. What New Bern wanted out of this grant is the following — bike lanes and sidewalks on First St. They have to do the “road diet” to get the other part they really want.

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