Note: This article has been revised since first posting after taking a closer look at the data.

The New Bern (North Carolina) Post has been live since mid-October and now, thanks to Quantcast, it is accumulating some interesting intel about its readers that I am sharing:

  • New Bern dominates: No surprise there — 31.9 percent come from New Bern. Charlotte comes in second at 8.54 percent. Rounding out the top five are Havelock, Raleigh, and Greenville.
  • They’re Democrats and independents: 40 percent are Democrats and 40 percent are independents. The balance, 20 percent, are Republicans.
  • They are mostly women: 67 percent of Post readers are female.
  • They’re grown up, but not too much: 75 percent of readership is under 54; 24 percent is under 24.
  • They are educated: 44 percent are college educated and an additional 14 percent are post-graduate.
  • They are connected: More than 85 percent of Post readers come to us via mobile devices.
  • They are inquisitive: Post readers like news and sports: The top media interests are, in descending order, early morning news programs, NCAA men’s basketball, Sunday news/political talk, weekday morning news programs, and football. Most popular network among visitors? ESPN. Most popular TV show? Criminal Minds.
  • The Post is popular among the military: Among industries represented by Post readers, active military is the strongest, followed by government and public sector, telecom, insurance, and software. The volume of active military readers is 7.95 times higher than average.

~Randy Foster/New Bern Post

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