Fun stuff from Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting

See if you can find the Easter egg in this $11,000 diorama of Downtown New Bern that resides at City Hall. Scroll down for the answer.

Misc. stuff and fun facts:


First, what’s up with City Manager Mark Stephens’ lapel pin? (See picture, left)

Paint Your Heart Out is looking for volunteers, donations and sponsorships. Contact Landa Gaskins, Community Development Coordinator, Phone (252) 639-7586, or email 

Community Health Fare Saturday, April 28, noon-3 p.m., Omega Center.

Water and sewer revenues are down because of conservation, but treatment costs are increasing. Maola was a major customer the city lost, affecting revenue.

Ad valorem tax rates in the area: .52 Greenville, .65 Goldsboro, .66 Kinston, .52 Washington, .59 Havelock, .485 Wilmington, .555 Wilson, .46 New Bern, the lowest in the area. Ad valorem taxes bring in $1.37 million to New Bern.

AMI—Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Meter reader is not a growth profession. Meter technician is. Most of the city now has networked electric and water meters.

The state is seeing a decline in gasoline tax revenue due to increased use of electric vehicles, Alderman Sabrina Bengel said.

In Texas, old gas stations are being repurposed as food truck rodeos, City Manager Mark Stephens said.

Johnnie Ray Kinsey was absent. 

Answer to the question at the top:

The diorama includes a car wreck at the intersection of South and East Front streets.






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