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  1. Mr. Foster
    How many New Bern board of Alderman meetings did you attend, durring Alderman Mitchell’s time on the board?

    1. Author

      None. At that time I had a staff of reporters who did that.

      1. Author

        Actually, now that I think about it, four or five since I started New Bern Post in October. But prior to that, none, other than guiding reporters who covered aldermen meetings. And you?

  2. I am not a Ward 3 resident but at a number of Board Meeting that I attended, Alderman Mitchell raised concerns and introduced resoltions that were in the interests of Ward 3.
    This is why I agree with you that local representation is important.
    Also it does not make sense to me, that Mayor Outlaw would have picked ET Mitchell to do his bidding, when she said from the start, she would only serve the remaining one and half years.

  3. Randy, I’m curious as to what you mean when you say that Alderman Mitchell worked on goals laid out for her by the mayor and other board members, mainly me. What do you mean by that exactly and where do you get that idea?

    1. Author

      She said so in her final comments on the board.

  4. Randy
    She worked with them on items of mutual concern such as storm water, repaving and economic development, as all the aldetman do- but you are taking that to mean, she worked for them on these issues and as I was present at least six board meetings and a retreat while ET Mitchell serving as Alderman that just was not the case. For instance she was very strong on having repaving done in ward 3 rather than Ward 5 where I happen to live.

  5. Interesting. I’ll have to go back and watch ch because I don’t recall those comments. Thanks for bringing it to light. Although I don’t remember setting out any specific goals and objectives for Alderman Mitchell. She came in with her own agenda for Ward 3 based on things her and Alderman Schaible had discussed (flashing lights at Taberna, widening of Old Airport Road, etc.)

  6. Alderman Odham is correct in that I had lengthly conversations with Alderman Mitchell about the concerns of Ward 3 (including the flashing lights at Taberna and the widening of Airport Road). In fact, I gave Alderman Mitchell my entire file cabinet with everything fully documented.

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