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New Bern Post is a family-owned news website and the primary source of income for the Foster Family of New Bern.

New Bern Post earns money two ways: by selling advertising space and marketing services, and through donations by readers who support what we are doing.

New Bern Post will not impose subscription fees or a “paywall.” We don’t want a barrier between the residents of New Bern and the news and information that they need.

Charging money to read New Bern Post articles does a disservice to advertisers as it limits access to the audience that they need to succeed in their own businesses.

Besides, before the internet, newspapers needed data from subscriptions to prove to advertisers how many readers they had. Technology now negates that.

If you have a business or group that needs advertising services, please consider adding New Bern Post to your advertising mix. We have a strong following of readers that provides excellent value for many advertisers. More information about advertising can be found here.

While advertising helps pay the bills, because the Foster Family supports local businesses and groups with extremely affordable advertising rates, we need support from readers who recognize the value of local journalism.

If you are a New Bern Post reader, please consider supporting our effort to preserve local journalism in Craven County. You can donate via PayPal using the form below.

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