No criminal charges will be filed agains the mother who safely surrendered her newborn baby to a resident in the Craven Terrace neighborhood on July 17. District Attorney Scott Thomas issued the following statement regarding the determination by New Bern Police Department and his office that no charges be brought in the case where a newborn infant was safely surrendered in the Craven Terrace Community in New Bern: On Friday, July 17, 2020, a resident of Craven Terrace called the New Bern Police Department to report an unattended newborn child appeared to have been abandoned on a porch. The baby, apparently born within the priorRead More →

Protesters took positions along Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in New Bern on Saturday afternoon, taking a stand against police brutality, oppression, and deadly force against African Americans that reached a fever pitch with the suffocation slaying of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week. The protest was peaceful, with participants with signs standing beside the street. Protests elsewhere, particularly larger cities including Minneapolis, New York, and Washington D.C., have turned violent and deadly. Demonstrators overtook police precinct stations in Minneapolis and New York, and tussled with Washington police and Secret Service at barricades outside the White House. In Minnesota, the governor there mobilizedRead More →

The following statement was issued by Craven County District Attorney Scott Thomas. “I agree with the statements issued by our area Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and law enforcement officers condemning the conduct, actions and inactions of the police officers in Minneapolis. Their conduct in the death of George Floyd, documented on video, not only violates use of force policy, it violates the law. “The independent investigation being conducted by state and federal investigators and prosecutors should be concluded quickly and appropriate charges must be filed. The facts of this case are obvious and clear. “I have told law enforcement and prosecutors in the past that ifRead More →