Regular New Bern Post readers know that my wife and I have been sick with COVID-19 since early last week. That’s also the last time that I updated New Bern Post readers about the COVID-19 situation in Craven County.

Both Sarah and I have had a rough couple of days. After a week of this, we have not gotten any better. I was able to work from my desk for the first time in a week today (see the picture), so that’s a step forward.

Until today, I had been working from a small couch in our bedroom on my iPad, but I need my computer to process the data-driven graphics that I add to my posts. It had to be today because the Craven County Health Department doesn’t archive its updates longer than one week.

My main symptoms are low-grade fever (around 99; my temperature is usually about 97.5), runny sinuses, mild headache, mild muscle aches, and a wet cough that comes in waves but when it comes, it’s relentless.

I have lost 4 pounds. I don’t have much of an appetite and while I can taste food, nothing tastes very good and eating has become a duty.

I wake up feeling fairly well, but by mid-morning the symptoms start returning and by mid-afternoon I do my best to sleep through it.

I’ve never had a flu or a cold that has lasted this long and I’ve never had a cough this bad.

Meanwhile, Craven County reported three new deaths today–that’s six deaths since the last time I did an update Monday last week.

The 37th Craven County resident died on Sept. 26, 2020. The individual was tested for COVID-19 on Sept. 18, 2020 and resulted positive on Sept. 22, 2020.

The 38thCraven County resident died on Sept. 27, 2020. The individual was tested on Sept. 20, 2020 and resulted positive the same day.

The39th Craven County resident died on Sept. 27, 2020. The individual was tested for COVID-19 on Sept. 21, 2020 and resulted positive on Sept. 24, 2020.

All three deaths were reported to the Craven County Health Department on Sept. 28, 2020. Each individual had underlying health conditions. To protect the privacy of each individual’s family, no further information about the individuals will be released.  

There have been 12 deaths in Craven County in September, the second highest monthly total after August, when there were 17 deaths recorded.

Craven County deaths

Date testedDate of resultsDate of deathTest to death
Patient 1April 2, 2020April 4, 2020April 9, 20207 days
Patient 2April 7, 2020April 9, 2020April 17, 202010 days
Patient 3March 30, 2020April 2, 2020April 19, 202020 days
Patient 4April 12, 2020April 14, 2020April 21, 20209 days
Patient 5May 11, 2020May 11, 2020May 27, 202016 days
Patient 6June 7, 2020June 7, 2020June 19, 202013 days
Patient 7June 19, 2020Same dayJuly 2, 202013 days
Patient 8July 22, 2020Same dayJuly 6, 202014 days
Patient 9July 17, 2020July 18, 2020July 28, 202011 days
Patient 10July 10, 2020July 13, 2020July 29, 202019 days
Patient 11July 23, 2020July 27, 2020Aug. 4, 202012 days
Patient 12July 10, 2020July 12, 2020Aug. 5, 202025 days
Patient 13July 28, 2020Aug. 11, 2020Aug. 7, 202010 days
Patient 14July 28, 2020July 28, 2020Aug. 9, 202012 days
Patient 15July 30, 2020Aug. 1, 2020Aug. 10, 202011 days
Patient 16July 30, 2020July 30, 2020Aug. 10, 202011 days
Patient 17July 28, 2020Aug. 5, 2020Aug. 10, 202013 days
Patient 18July 27, 2020July 28, 2020Aug. 13, 202017 days
Patient 19July 21, 2020July 24, 2020Aug. 13, 202023 days
Patient 20Aug. 12, 2020Aug. 13, 2020Aug. 17, 20205 days
Patient 21July 21, 2020July 25, 2020Aug. 17, 202027 days
Patient 22Aug. 12, 2020Aug. 12, 2020Aug. 18, 20206 days
Patient 23Aug. 2, 2020Aug. 3, 2020Aug. 18, 202016 days
Patient 24Aug. 20, 2020Aug. 21, 2020Aug. 21, 20201 day
Patient 25Aug. 6, 2020Aug. 6, 2020Aug. 21, 202015 days
Patient 26Aug. 16, 2020Aug. 16, 2020Aug. 22, 20206 days
Patient 27Aug. 11, 2020Aug. 12, 2020Aug. 30, 202019 days
Patient 28Aug. 19, 2020Aug. 20, 2020Sept. 6, 202018 days
Patient 29Aug. 17, 2020Aug. 20, 2020Sept. 10, 202024 days
Patient 30Sept. 10, 2020Sept. 10, 2020Sept. 11, 20201 day
Patient 31Sept. 2, 2020Sept. 6, 2020Sept. 14, 202012 days
Patient 32Sept. 9, 2020Sept. 10, 2020Sept. 18, 20209 days
Patient 33Sept. 15, 2020Sept. 16, 2020Sept. 19, 20204 days
Patient 34Sept. 18, 2020Sept. 21, 2020Sept. 22, 20204 days
Patient 35Sept. 1, 2020Sept. 3, 2020Sept. 25, 202024 days
Patient 36Sept. 22, 2020Sept. 22, 2020Sept. 26, 20204 days
Patient 37Sept. 18, 2020Sept. 22, 2020Sept. 26, 20208 days
Patient 38Sept. 20, 2020Sept. 20, 2020Sept. 27, 20207 days
Patient 39Sept. 21, 2020Sept. 24, 2020Sept. 27, 20206 days

Craven County has 1,594 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of 11 a.m. on Sept. 29, 2020. Hospitalizations are steady at 12.

Out of the 1,594 confirmed positive cases, 1,412 of those individuals have recovered. The recovered cases completed the necessary isolation requirement and have been free of COVID-19 symptoms for at least 24 hours.

Of the 1,594 cases, 20 have been related to out-of-state travel, 316 are from community transmission, 1,126 are a direct contact with a previously confirmed positive case, 32 are still being investigated, and 100 are unknown.

Key dates

March 14 First case confirmed in Craven County
March 29 First community-spread case identified in Craven County

April 2 First reported recovery in Craven County
April 5 Hospitalized cases start being reported at CarolinaEast Medical Center in New Bern
April 9 First death in Craven County
April 17 Second death in Craven County
April 19 Third death in Craven County
April 21 Fourth death in Craven County.

May 8 Phase 1 begins
May 12-27 A cluster of friends, family, and co-workers adds 142 cases in Craven County
May 17 Craven County passes 100 lab-confirmed cases
May 22 Phase 2 begins
May 27 Fifth death in Craven County
May 28 National death toll equals and then surpass entire population of Craven County (103,374)
May 30 Craven County passes 200 lab-confirmed cases

June 19 Sixth death in Craven County
June 19 Craven County passes 300 lab-confirmed cases
June 19 Phase 3 delayed

July 2 Seventh death in Craven County
July 5 Eighth death in Craven County
July 7 Craven County surpasses 400 lab-confirmed cases
July 18 Craven County passes 500 lab-confirmed cases
July 21 Cluster emerges at PruittHealth-Trent, a New Bern skilled nursing facility. By July 24, there were 42 cases among staff and patients. Two other local facilities reported smaller outbreaks. 
July 26 Craven County passes 600 lab-confirmed cases
July 28 Ninth death in Craven County
July 29 10th death in Craven County

Aug. 4 11th death in Craven County
Aug. 5 12th death in Craven County
Aug. 5 Phase 3 delayed
Aug. 6 Craven County passes 700 lab-confirmed cases
Aug. 7 13th death in Craven County
Aug. 9 14th death in Craven County
Aug. 10 15th, 16th, and 17th deaths in Craven County
Aug. 13 18th and 19th deaths in Craven County. 
Craven County passes 800 lab-confirmed deaths
Aug. 17 20th death in Craven County
Aug. 18 21st and 22nd deaths in Craven County
Aug. 19 23rd death in Craven County
Aug. 21 24th and 25th deaths in Craven County. 
Craven County passes 900 lab-confirmed deaths
Aug. 22 26th death in Craven County
Aug. 29 Craven County passes 1,000 lab-confirmed cases
Aug. 30 27th death in Craven County
Aug. 3 Craven County passes 1,100 lab-confirmed cases

Sept. 4 Phase 2.5 begins
Sept. 6 28th death in Craven County
Sept. 10 29th death in Craven County
Craven County passes 1,200 lab-confirmed cases
Sept. 11 30th death in Craven County
Sept. 14 31st death in Craven County
Sept. 15 Craven County passes 1,300 lab-confirmed cases
Sept. 18 Craven County passes 1,400 lab-confirmed cases
32nd death in Craven County
Sept. 19 33rd death in Craven County
Sept. 22 34th death in Craven County
Sept. 25 Craven County passes 1,500 lab-confirmed cases
35th death in Craven County
Sept. 26 36th and 37th deaths in Craven County
Sept. 27 38th and 39th deaths in Craven County

Craven County snapshots


  1. Thank you for your reporting. Your personal story is important to talk about the illness when it does not require hospitalization. It can be bad even if someone does not have an “underlying medical condition.”

    Hope you and Sarah feel much better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Great reporting. (There’s a typo in the patient by patient chart, Patient 8’s testing date).

  3. oh my god. I’m so, so sorry to hear you both have the virus. Praying for recovery to happen soon for you and Sarah.

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