TRASH PICKUP: Trash pickup for city residents will resume Tuesday. Contractors will begin with Tuesday’s route and resume each route each day. There will be no pickups for services lost in the last several days. If you have extra trash that does not fit in your receptacle, bag it and place the bag next to your receptacle streetside. No stickers are needed and there is no extra charge for these bags. Be aware that construction debris, carpets, clothing, etc. cleaned out from flooded homes should not go in your trash receptacle.

If you have an abundant amount of trash and want to dispose of it ahead of your trash pickup day, you may take it to a Craven County convenience site. However, the convenience sites will not open until Thursday, September 20. Craven County has confirmed that trash stickers will NOT be required.

Questions concerning trash pickup outside of the city limits of New Bern should be directed to your service provider.

DEBRIS COLLECTION: Contractors made it to our state Monday night and mobilzed for debris pickup. City staff and contractor crews will begin today picking up storm debris. Please put debris curbside but NOT in the street. Debris should be properly sorted into three piles: leaf/limb/vegetation in one pile. Construction debris (carpet, sheetrock, wood) in one pile. Brown good/white goods (furniture & appliances) in a third pile. Reminder: please place at the back of the curb, NOT in the street so as not to impede stormwater drainage. City staff & contractor crews will be working 12 hour shifts from 7am-7pm to collect debris. City residents may also take leaf/limb/vegetation debris to the city’s yard waste facility located at 1803 Country Club Road. This facility will operate Monday-Saturday from 8am-4pm until further notice. Or, you can take it to a Craven County convenience center beginning Thursday, September 20.

Questions concerning debris removal for residents outside of the city of New Bern should be directed to Craven County.

RECYCLING: Recycling is operated through Craven County. We understand recycling pickups will resume on Friday, September 21.

OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS: Regular Curbside household trash (with stickers) will begin Wednesday. If your pickup day is Tuesday it will be next Tuesday before it is picked up.


  1. When will recycle pick up resume in James City? It has been 2 weeks & was just curious to when it will resume.

    1. Author

      The recycling center in Onslow County was damaged in the storm. Until it is up and running, recycled items will be collected as trash. As an alternative you could take your recyclables to any of the county convenience centers.

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