When I cut on the TV I see an illusionary model of black people that this is Black people. I stepped off the porch as a young black male and tried to reenact the sequel.

In 1896 Plessy vs. Ferguson proved that we are not equal. How is it that every portrayal of a black man is nefarious, criminal, evil.

In schools we are taught that Black People didn’t contribute to America. We are falsely taught about slavery, Dr. King, only to prove we are inferior.

My worse fear is to be pulled over because I fit the criteria. Why is it that a black man jogging can only stimulate hysteria.

When will we have laws that increase our chances of owning a business. When will I be able to walk in a bank without being labeled a menace.

When we mention racism in 2020 everyone’s face should grimace. Almost 400 years of a learned hate that egregiously is far from finished.

We spend more in mass incarceration, then we do in education. The cage bird sings of his trials and tribulations.

Our hurt, our pain, what we have undergone for so long we have stood and remained patient. The traumatic storms of our past has now precipitated the uproar in this nation!

We have undergone every type of hate that your mind can perceive. There is a 1 out of 3 chance we’ll go to prison from the time we were conceived.

For years if you wonder what we have gone through think of all the black men just in your own family that has hung from trees. Even back then, back then, they were crying: I CAN’T BREATHE!

Kevin Slade, used with permission

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