The White House announced that President Trump will be visiting Marine air station at Cherry point on Wednesday to learn more about hurricane Florence damage.

Other details about the visit are being developed, including his itinerary.

Craven County was hit hard by Hurricane Florence last week.

First the New Bern area was flooded with storm surge up the Neuse River. Then Havelock and other parts were hit hard during the hurricane. Then Western Craven County and Jones County endured flooding in the hurricane’s aftermath.

President Trump has declared North Carolina to be a federal disaster area eligible for federal aid.”Right now, everybody is saying what a great job we are doing with Hurricane Florence – and they are 100% correct,” Trump Tweeted. “But don’t be fooled, at some point in the near future the Democrats will start ranting that FEMA, our Military, and our First Responders, who are all unbelievable, are a disaster and not doing a good job. This will be a total lie, but that’s what they do, and everybody knows it!”

In a video, Trump said, “This is a tough hurricane, one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water. Rarely have we had an experience like it and it certainly is not good.”

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  1. I truly hope he brings rolls of paper towels and toilet paper. Please say it’s so

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