The normally scheduled trash pickup to city residents will begin Tuesday on an amended schedule.

Begin placing your regular household trash at the curb for pickup on your regular scheduled days. If your trash is not picked up, be patient, as crews will get to it as fast as they can.

There will be no recycling pick up this week, but it will start again next week.

Storm debris will be picked up as well. Separate the debris into three piles, one for building materials, one for yard waste, and one for appliances. Place the debris at the curb, NOT in the street.


  1. All your posts have been very helpful. You are appreciated!

  2. Please post amended trash pick up schedule!

  3. Hello,
    The pickup for trees have started on my road, thank you! But we still have trees in our yard to come down. So how long will this large tree pickup continue? Will they come to our neighborhood again and if so …. how many times or are there end dates we can work with?? Thank you!

    1. Author

      City will not come into your property to pick up storm debris. They will only pick up what their equipment can reach from the street. You will have to make arrangements to get the debris from your yard to the curb. The city will be working on cleanup for quite some time

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