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Latest update: I have no idea. See my comment below 😤


My friends in New Bern. Please share this to all your FB friends. Lives could very well be at stake!

During my time living off and on in New Bern over 10 years I have watched many hurricanes come towards the outer banks and analyzed there path and intensity and I knew that we would be ok. Over time I would remember all the training I got from the National Weather Service as well as weather classes in college and studied the maps of eastern North Carolina wondering what path and intensity of a hurricane could do the most serious damage to New Bern.


The most dangerous part of a hurricane is the eyewall AND the right front quadrant. Picture a radar map of a hurricane in your mind as it is moving. The front of the storm and the right side, which will be the north end of it as it hits Wilmington. That will bring the eyewall and the right front section right over New Bern. In fact because of the storms path, New Bern could feel the effects of the eyewall for a full day instead of just hours because the north end of it could ride right over New Bern. What’s even more disturbing is the path that it is on

hitting Wilmington will not weaken it because the the bulk of it will not get weaker by going over the Outer Banks. This will not be a glancing hit either. It is coming straight in from the ocean. The storm will stay strong in the warm waters offshore. The timing is also disturbing since we have some of the highest water temperatures of the year now. If it stalls or moves slow as it comes in, we could see flood levels that could put New Bern under water! Especially if it makes landfall at high tide.

I know that weather forecasts can sometimes be wrong and you never can tell, but,,,If it hits just north of Wilmington, at around 5pm, as. Category 4 or 5,,,

New Bern could be destroyed.

Even if you decide to stay, Don’t forget that the power will be out for a long time and other resources like food and clean water will be hard to come by. You can probably expect a mandatory evacuation order by Tuesday.

Please share this to ALL your friends in ENC and be ready to evacuate. DO NOT be complacent. The timing and most especially the path of this one is different. Watch the news closely.

UPDATE: The updated southern track shift of hurricane Florence towards Wilmington will greatly reduce the storm surge flooding in New Bern and the surrounding areas. There still will be some flooding starting around 4am Friday. Please post updates of any flooding you get here.

Richard Mussari

Storm Spotter #3-354

Newport/Morehead City National Weather Service.


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