Customers fed up with spotty internet service in the New Bern area from Suddenlink may see glimmers of hope following efforts ranging from City Hall to the U.S. Capitol.

While long a sore spot among users, Suddenlink service has become particularly troublesome as students, families, businesses, and organizations have been forced to rely on internet service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Bern Board of Aldermen has taken up the issue, and now so has U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy.

The Board of Aldermen has committed to partnering with other North Carolina cities and towns in contacting the North Carolina Department of Justice, Attorney General Josh Stein, and all state legislators about Suddenlink Communications issues and access to internet.

“Since we’ve heard from so many of you about your Suddenlink complaints, we’re sharing a General Consumer Complaint form from the state attorney general’s office which will help them document and better understand what’s been going on. If you’d like to share your experiences, you can fill out the form here ->,” the city announced previously.

For those who do not have internet or access to email, you may contact NC Attorney General Josh Stein’s office via telephone at 1-877-566-7226 or 919-716-6000.

Additionally, the City of New Bern has created an email address specific to these concerns so that the city will have a record of what is being reported.

This will make it easy to collect and catalog these emails in one place. If you wish to express your concerns with Suddenlink Communications’ cable or internet access, email

Rep. Murphy participated in phone call with top-level Suddenlink executives and discussed how Suddenlink can improve its service.

Dr. Murphy, M.D. (NC-03) participated in a conference call with top-level executives at Suddenlink Communications on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021. Murphy voiced frustrations about bad experiences he and his constituents have had with the company. Murphy released the following statement:

“I had a very frank but productive conversation with Suddenlink’s executives this afternoon,” said Murphy. “After expressing my many concerns with the inadequate service they have been providing their customers, they acknowledged the many shortcomings they have been trying to work through during the pandemic. Suddenlink officials made verbal assurances they would improve through a myriad of actions.

“We specifically discussed issues occurring in Craven County, where service has been particularly lacking. I will be following up with local elected officials in Craven County in the coming days to talk about the issue with them and monitor the situation in the coming months to determine whether it has improved. While I received assurances of improved internet and customer service in the months ahead, I expressed that the conversation will not end with this phone call. A follow up meeting between Suddenlink, myself and my staff has been scheduled for early March to monitor their commitments. I do believe they are committed to providing reliable service to our region, but I will be persistent in making sure it happens.”

Alderman Sabrina Bengel thanked those who have contacted the city regarding their concerns regarding Suddenlink service.

“We have been directing the 125-plus emails we have received from the public to the NC Attorney General, our NC Legislative delegation, and our Congressman,” she said.

Bengel said she appreciates Rep. Murphy’s efforts on our behalf and will be involved in the meeting in the coming days to further discuss and monitor this issue.


  1. Why did it take NC government involvement for Suddenlink to respond to customer service issues? North Carolina needs to allow competition from other internet/cable TV operators to increase competition amongst internet/TV providers. Suddenlink needs to get the “boot”. Bring on Verizon FiOS, Comcast and other established internet/cable TV providers that have a long tract record of reliable service and good customer service.

    1. I moved to New Bern, in November 2018 and I receive Sudden Link Cable TV/ Internet as part of my lease package. At a minimum, the service is poor at best. Hours and hours of no service. I Vote and I’m a Miserable old Man and when I’m unhappy I pass the word around. Get it fixed or fix them.

  2. Recently, I was without my internet service for four days. I was given a $20 credit. Really!!! While discussing a service issue with a member of the “care team”, she asked me to hold on and disconnected the call and didn’t bother to call back as she had promised. This happens quite often when dealing with Suddenlink. How do I join the class action lawsuit if there is one? I am truly tired of Suddenlink!

  3. Cheapest speed they sell is 40MB. I’m getting 3.19. Had a good computer guy check my equipment and call them. They said they’d be out Sat. between 11 and 2. Then got a recording that said they be out Fri. between 11 and 2. Nobody ever called. Then got recording that said according to their records, my issue had been resolve and I may be billed for a service call. My speed is still 3.19. I mail my bill the day it comes. They won’t post it for 20 days or more and charge a late charge. Please somebody give us a choice for cable based internet. This company is the worst of the worst.

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