The North Carolina Board of Elections held an emergency called meeting Election Day afternoon to take care of several items, including extending time at four polling places that opened late.

Because of the extensions granted to a polling place in Sampson County, North Carolina won’t begin announcing voting results until 8:15 p.m.

The board also filled Democrat vacancies on county board of elections in Rockingham County and Stanley County with individuals recommended by the state Democratic Party.

The board voted to extend voting hours at several polling places that opened later than the 15 minutes allowed by the state. Polls are supposed to be open on Election Day from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The board granted extended extensions equal to the time they opened late.

The longest delay was at Plainview Fire Station in Sampson County, where the precinct staff didn’t show up until the time they were expected to open, 6:30 a.m., leaving a line of voters outside while the staff set up for the day.

Setup is a complicated thing, as was experienced at other precincts that experienced computer and printer issues.

On top of showing up late, the Plainview staff had printer issues as well, but instead of calling the Board of Elections for IT help, they tried to fix it themselves.

The state releases election results only after all precincts are closed.

Affected polling places

CountyPolling Place/PrecinctDelay
Cabarrus CountyFirst Missionary Baptist Church, Concord 17-minute delay opening. Printer problem.
Guilford CountyBluford Elementary School 34-minute delay opening. Staff came in at 6:30 a.m. to get things ready. Ten people were standing in line by the time they opened. They don’t believe any voters left.
Sampson CountyPlainview Fire Station 45 minute delay opening; some voters left. Problems with printer and did not call IT department and tried to fix printer themselves. Between 6 and 100 voters affected.
Sampson CountyNortheast Clinton (Sampson County Adult Daycare) 24 minute delay; some voters left.
North Carolina Board of Elections

*additional precincts may be considered if needed

Voter Turnout

 Total Ballots CastRegistered VotersVoter Turnout
2020 General Election*TBDTBDTBD.
2016 General Election4.77 million6.92 million69%
2012 General Election4.54 million6.66 million68%
2008 General Election4.38 million6.27 million70%
Sources: statewide voter history; voter registration snapshots
Screen shot of State Board of Elections.

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