Sponsored: Sarah’s journey to lose 70 pounds

Sarah Foster before she started using Herbalife products in June 2016, left, and in October 2017.

Sarah Foster of New Bern says:

Update: Sarah has lost more than 80 pounds now.
I was hooked on ice cream and junk food. I thought I was going to be fat forever and I hated it. Then I started substituting healthier options for the junk and the weight came off so much quicker than I put it on.
I have lost 70 pounds and counting and I feel great.  The shakes are a perfect substitute for ice cream for me. Whenever I have a shake I feel like I am having a treat.
I notice people make eye contact with me now and they are more likely to engage in conversations with me.
I don’t know which changed: people’s perception of me, or my self perception. Either way, it changed my life.

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