CarolinaEast CRNA’s Bonnie Baker and Stephanie Pinero in a CarolinaEast negative-pressure Operating Room (converted from a regular OR) for use with potential COVID-19 patients.

Southeast Plastics in New Bern, which specializes in engraving and print receptive plastic sheets, made and donated several face shields and an “Intubation Box” to CarolinaEast Medical Center for use on potential COVID-19 patients.

The box is designed to act as a protective shield between the patient and medical staff, thereby hopefully minimizing the risk of disease transmission.

Similar devices have been used in hospitals across the world during endotracheal intubation on patients with COVID-19.

The clear plastic cube covers the patient’s head and has two holes through which the clinician passes his or her hands to perform the procedure. CarolinaEast appreciates Southeast Plastics’ effort in helping us protect our staff and patients.

“Thought this was neat and wanted to share. Hopefully we won’t need to use it but we’re glad to be overly-prepared rather than under,” said Brandy Popp, manager, Public Relations and Outreach at CarolinaEast Health System.

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