This is New Bern Post Editor Randy Foster. He is waiting for your emails.

Hey you, yes … You. You know who you are. You’re the one who sent letters to the editor back in the day when newspapers cared about letters to the editor.

I remember those days. I was a newspaper editor back in those days.

There was a direct correlation back then: Vibrant opinion section, vibrant newspaper.

A month ago New Bern Post and New Bern Now merged operations. It makes a lot of sense that we share resources.

But it left us with a question: How do we share resources.

Long story short, New Bern Now will focus on covering news and information about the New Bern community, just like New Bern Post has done. New Bern Post, on the other hand, will switch its focus to analysis, commentary, and reader-contributed opinions about New Bern and issues of local interest.

As we get going, I will be aggregating and curating the best content of the week for a weekly newsletter we are calling the Sunday Reader. It will come out on Sundays.

It’s still in development so stay tuned for more information, and it will be emailed to anyone who asks for it, as well as appearing as an article on New Bern Post.

Meanwhile, send us those letters you have been saving up wishing you could send them to an editor to publish.

Email letters here.

Thanks for letting me take up your time.

Randy Foster, editor, New Bern Post

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