Airport Road at the railroad intersection. Google

Traffic patterns around Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN) will be affected on Monday, March 8, and Tuesday, March 9, as Norfolk Southern Railroad conducts maintenance on tracks in the James City area.

On March 8, Airport Road will be closed to traffic from about 11:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. All passengers and airport rides will need to use West Grantham Road and Old Airport Road to access the airport terminal.

Williams Road at the railroad intersection. Google

On March 9, Williams Road will be closed to traffic from approximately 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. All rental car returns and employees will need to use Howell Road and Williams Road to access the Rental Car Return Lot.

Reminder: There is still no through traffic between Williams and Airport Roads.

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  1. The railroads picked a horrible time to work on the tracks in this area. With the airport currently blocked for through traffic and Old Airport Rd south of Taberna also blocked for construction that leaves 3 outlets to Hwy 70 for Taberna residents and the neighborhoods between Taberna and Airport Road. In addition, the main entrance/exit to Taberna from Hwy 70 (beside Dunkin Donuts) is currently closed to all traffic for railroad construction. That leaves only 2 other outlets — Grantham Road and Airport Rd.

    Monday morning (March 8) at 8 am I was attempting to leave the Taberna area for an 8:15 appointment. At that time Grantham Road was blocked by railroad workers so I proceeded north to Airport Road. When I was in sight of the railroad crossing on Airport behind Riverside motors lo and behold the railroad workers then came through and blocked that crossing as well! In other words I had NO way to reach Hwy 70 at 8 am on a business day. I hope no one in Taberna and surrounding neighborhoods had a medical emergency yesterday morning because if they did the trial lawyers will be licking their lips to sue!

    Get your act together railroads! Pay attention to other road projects going on around you.

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