Internationally – total confirmed cases 7,291,484. Deaths 413,058 Gives a death rate of 5.66%. That is 57 people out of 1000 confirmed cases died with this virus.

United States – total cases 1,961,428 Deaths 111,694 Gives a death rate of 5.7%. That is 57 of 1000 confirmed cases died with this virus.

North Carolina – total cases 37,160 Death 1053. Gives a death rate of 2.83%. That is 28.3 out of 1000 confirmed cases died with this virus. 780 hospitalizations.

Surrounding counties.
Lenoir – total cases 261 death 8
Jones – total cases 25 death 3
Greene – total cases 106 death 2
Pitt – total cases 416 death 2
Onslow – total cases 136 death 2
Beaufort- total cases 43 death 0
Bertie – total cases 134 death 4
Craven – total cases 241 death 5
Carteret – total cases 42 death 3
Wayne – total cases 1367 death 20
Duplin – total cases 1072 death 20
Forsyth – total cases 1910 death 18
Nash – total cases 248 death 4
Wilson – total cases 456 death 13

Nc hospitalizations with COVID 19 continue to climb. This is concerning. Deaths and hospitalizations are the true numbers to follow. They do not go up because of increased testing. Please follow social distancing guidelines. Wear masks it prevents spread. Avoid people as much as possible. I am including only the hospitalization graphs for this one. Now it is just a matter of wait and watch.

To get some fake news stuff out of the way.

  1. Yes there is Preop COVID testing, no this will not increase your case numbers significantly, however the percent testing numbers will spuriously go down because we are testing people who have no reason to be tested.
  2. Masks do help significantly control spread. It will reduce your chance of getting an infection and will reduce your chance of spreading the infection.
  3. No, this is not like the flu, it is nothing like the flu and yes it is scary.
  4. Hydroxychloroquine does not work – all the evidence so far points away from it. If there is positive evidence that comes in the future at that time it can be prescribed.
  5. Yes, children do die with this illness but it is still very rare.

Ps: I still collect all the other data and update all the graphs in case anyone needs it.

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  1. U.S. and world death rate is pretty close. Why is N.C.’s so low? Pretty sure we’re not that much healthier.

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