As communities begin to feel the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), I want to share with you the steps we’re taking to help protect the health and safety of our customers and our O’Reilly team members, which is always our top priority.

We’re closely monitoring local and national reports on the evolving impact of COVID-19 and, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization and applicable public health agencies, we’ve developed plans and established a task force that will allow us to respond timely and appropriately.

We have increased our housekeeping and sanitization efforts in our stores, distribution centers, and corporate office. We are frequently disinfecting often-touched surfaces such as door handles, countertops, keypads, restroom surfaces, shopping carts and baskets. We’re asking all of our team members to follow the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the infection. In these efforts, we are advising our team members to use disposable gloves, disinfectant spray, and cleaning solution.

We have implemented guidelines that instruct those team members who experience cold or flu-like symptoms, or individuals who have been diagnosed through testing with COVID-19 to stay home and follow the CDC’s instructions.

O’Reilly Auto Parts cares about our customers and team members, and at the core of our commitment to you is, Excellent Customer Service. This will not change, even as the situation evolves, and we intend to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and teams.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the actions taken as necessary to help limit the spread of this virus and do our part in helping to protect our valued customers and team members during this time.

Greg Johnson

O’Reilly Auto Parts

CEO and Co-President


  1. Dear Greg Johnson,

    How about you CLOSE down temporarily!!!!!!! My sister and brother in law shouldn’t have to use my 60+ yr old mother with respiratory issues as a babysitter while they go to work AT O’Reilly, interacting with people who are lucky enough to not be in the risk group! With everything including schools closing down, your company’s choice to remain open during this time is no longer indirectly forcing my family to make difficult decisions, you are endangering their lives! Do the right thing and close down!

  2. I agree with you Alysia. I have a relative who is an employee with OReillys and has constant contact with the public. My relative also has very serious health conditions and i dont want him exposed. OReillys brags about making billions of dollars a year – but they cant close down for a couple weeks to protect their employees, families and the public. They seem to be a poor company to work for. I wish the governor would close down all business – which would force OReillys also to close down temporarily, and no employees would lose their paychecks for the temporary shutdown. This IS a national crisis, but lots of business who are money hungry only care about themselves and their wallets!! Pathetic!!

  3. What are you doing for your warehouse employees safety?

  4. O’Reilly needs to shut down temporarily! The virus can live up to 3 days on anything that’s been in contact with a carrier. With all of the shipments coming in that their employees have to receive, there’s no way of knowing that their inventory hasn’t been touched by someone who has the virus. Also by staying open, it allows for the virus to spread from the customers to the employees.

  5. I’d like to know how your company is protecting their delivery and freight drivers and your hub workers. These guys do the behind the scenes work of receiving, pulling, packing, shipping and delivering all of your products. It seems, however, you’ve not extended any protection to them based off concern for their welfare, local or federal suggestions, or even by the current CDC guidelines. Which, just for your education, is now no groups larger than 10 people – my family working for you comes into contact with more people than that simply walking INTO work! How do you expect dock workers and guys wrapping and lifting pallets, doing store paperwork for deliveries etc not to come into contact with 10 or more people at a time, or maintain 6 feet of distance while doing something as simple as handing over a clipboard of paperwork? Start playing frisbee with it? Not to mention, I don’t know if you’ve stepped foot in a distribution hub Mr. CEO, but I can guarantee it’s not a place that’s going to be easy to “deep clean” on a daily, let alone hourly basis. This is ridiculous, your concern is based solely on an optics perspective – your image to your stockholders to be specific – and you’re only invested in your profits. Close it down and do the honest, moral and human thing – Protect your staff from this pandemic. They are part of the O’Reilly family after all- aren’t they?

  6. I work for O’Reilly. While I agree better to be safe and close than spread the virus, I wanted to inform you CEO Greg started at O’Reilly as a delivery driver and worked his way up. That is the kind of company this is. I do believe they will begin closing stores in high risk areas shortly.

  7. I wish all of our oreilly family to be safe and well. Prayers for everyone. .

  8. If he started as a driver that makes my point even clearer. He should be able to empathize. Don’t just shut stores. Shut everything down, send these guys home. Glad to hear he’s been successful in the company, but that doesnt mean he shouldn’t do the right thing here, and having started as driver he should also understand what the income these guys make means in their lives. Pay them while they are off too so they don’t suffer more consequences for this pandemic. Just because someone was able to work hard and take advantage of upward mobility in a company doesn’t mean their priorities should change. I hope what you’re saying is correct, and he directs the company in the right direction in this situation.

  9. Washington township michigan. I was at your store this Saturday and didn’t see anything that seems different from any other day and a person standing near the counter said I work for the company but not at this store so they were trying to help me but i couldn’t believe how close he was standing to me and then sneezes on me and I just couldn’t even believe it. Thanks a lot why in the world was he there now 3 days later I have a runny nose and sneezing with a head ache. I feel nothing has been done to protect me at your stores. More training is needed for the covid19 pandemic please. I’m not mad we. All just need to be more careful.

  10. While your suggestions and fears are valid points. What happens when grandma or your sick relative car doesn’t start and needs a battery? Or you take to the shop but they don’t have the parts to fix it? Auto part locations really are the backbone of America. Maybe make work optional with increased hazard wages?

  11. SHUT DOWN TEMPORARILY! Huge corporations like O’Reilly SHOULD HAVE a back up plan for emergency situations such a this worldwide epidemic to protect not only their employees, the backbone of this company, but also their corporate asses as well! There is no reason why they should continue to stay open and continue to be a hazard to society by risking the spread of the virus!!


  13. You may be sending your Grandma out to drive but we are not. Our Grandma and most American should do as the president has advised and stay in! No reason to be out driving around. With our family’s manning stores it makes it impossible for us to keep in contact with our Grandparents to keep from getting them sick. Honestly having public walking in and out of stores is crazy. Do something to mitigate this. Have them call in what they need and take credit card over phone and let retail operators have this ready at the door. Are you providing complete masks and suits to employees? Then you are not giving them what they need for protection. You know this is true have concern for these low wage workers, while you are sitting behind a computer screen and not in a sick customers face!

  14. What about employees who have family members who have compromised immune systems? Or who have compromised immune systems themselves? I think it’s complete nonsense that your locations remain open! This is outrageous.

  15. I currently work in an O’Reilly and they are not following the states requirements in the distribution center setting of staying at least 6 feet away from each other. They have also conducted meeting with more then 25 people in one area with is also against what the state is requiring. It is sad when you are just a number. This company does not care about the team members here. There are over 250 people and if you get sick with the corona-virus or if someone in your household has it and you have to quarantine they will hold all absences against you. These people are human and without your employees there is no business. This is one of the worst places I have worked.

  16. I agree!!!! Coworker returning to work after a cruise after only 4 days!!!! I have lung and heart issues and dont need or want my husband coming home and handing me a death sentence from working with and around a unconcerned co-worker!
    Wipe down…extra cleaning???? people only care about the bottom line MONEY!

  17. Why bother placing posts on this site I posted two yesterday and they have been removed. And now I’ve learned they sent a worker out from a local store to try and find cleaning supplies as they had none. He went to three stores before finding two bottles of bleach type spray at a dollar store. That’s supposed to keep the workers and the public safe, your above statements is a lie! Get the workers the protection they need and shorten hours and stop telling lies about your Coronavirus procedures. Until you have what you claim above to protect people shut it down! Our community will hear about this news I guarantee it and we will not forget this neglectful life threatening behavior on your part. Please I beg you keep our loved ones health 1st priority!!!! Surely you can have your management collect needed cleaning supplies for your stores!!!

  18. SHUT DOWN TEMPORARILY! Huge corporations like O’Reilly SHOULD HAVE a back up plan for emergency situations such a this worldwide epidemic to protect not only their employees, the backbone of this company, but also their corporate behinds as well! There is no reason why they should continue to stay open and continue to be a hazard to society by risking the spread of the virus!!

  19. All this about cleaning the stores and being extra careful is a lie. No extra precautions have been taken or have been instructed to be taken. We tried using gloves and our DM acted as if we were paranoid yet we’re getting coughed on. Nobody cleans properly or has been instructed to. There’s too much to clean anyways and they regularly run their stores with a skeleton crew to cut payroll costs, that’s their policy. We bought our own disinfectant with our own money to protect ourselves and it was quickly gone and now you can’t buy anymore. 90 percent of our employees are sick now, but won’t go home because the company said you can only use your sick time if you have tested positive for covid19. Which, if the company has watched any news at all they know testing is extremely unavailable.
    They know we are sick and don’t advise us to go home, just business as usual. This company treats their employees like garbage and only cares about money and we really didn’t need a pandemic to prove it.

  20. You need to do the right thing and CLOSE, so your poorly paid employees (MANY of whom are elderly and have medical conditions, and only work part-time) can shelter in place at home like the rest of the country. I am disgusted by this blatant lack of care for your employees.

  21. We should close down I work with the company and I suffer from asthma which is a danger and risk to contracting this virus but I can’t stop my income. I believe the company has enough money to help the ones who need it to stay away from this virus.

  22. I agree with all this info I am a driver and I am sick I cant afford to take off and no one is cleaning anything we dont even have the products to clean with. I love my job and this company but I am beyond disappointed with how they are handling this my kids are put of school and dont have childcare and on top of that they are sick too. Please for the sake of everyone please close the stores. You will end up losing employee and customers due to this.

  23. This company is a freakin joke. They say we are essential, and we should be here for our community. If they really cared about their community, they would aid in quarantine and help their community get to recovery. Then be there for them like with natural disasters such as hurricanes tornadoes and such after the main issue has passed as they have done I recent events…CEO sent out email today basically blowing smoke up everyone’s butts saying how we are changing life and helping our communities. We are under an order to help stop the spread and stay home and we still have morons coming into the store to buy spray paint and air fresheners just because they are open. I hate to say it but people need help protecting them from themselves. All 3 , zone advance and oreilly are waiting for one to move but no one wants to be the first. None want to lose market share to the other so we are all suffering and putting our families at risk. They say we can take time off if we are concerned, they just won’t pay us unless we have a positive test. Maybe they all should so we can see how they run their stores…. No supplies available to clean except what you buy yourself and even then you can’t find any anywhere… Very disappointed and ashamed of this company. I guess there is a price you can put on the welfare of the team members who helped you reach a 10 billion dollar goal a year early. Disgusting…. Especially how most corporate leaders are hiding in their office or working from home and overnight became viral transmission experts…..

  24. I work for oreilly and no we dont need to close bc as soon as we close what’s gonna happen some who need a parts to get to work like a cop nurse dr gonna need a part for their car or truck. So before yall say close close close think about that if u dont wanna come to work that fine stay home. We have been cleaning every 30 mins at my store and also have sanitizer at every register so some us want help people.

  25. That must be nice to be able to have commodities such as sanitizers and such. Some of us aren’t that lucky because of supply. There are ways around someone needing to get to work. Most of the customers we have right now are treating this like a paid vacation and have some extra time to do some non essential tasks and buying frivolous items. Spray paints, boat parts etc… not a starter or battery. Not taking it seriously. There is always the option to close retail sales floors and just allow a “curbside service “ for essential items if we were really there for the community and it wasn’t about the dollar it brings… I would work that way or reduce hours like the real essentials establishments such as grocery stores. But the company is not doing anything except tell us to clean and practice social distancing, but yet allow customers to come in our stores and stand 2 feet from us across the counter and we cannot supply essential cleaning or protection items. You clearly don’t have someone close to you that could potentially be affected seriously and that must be nice as well. These are extreme times and extreme measures are needed. Think about the community, if we could do this to make our community safer, then there are ways the world can arrange a cop nurse or doctor to get to work if they can’t. Use your head… don’t showboat to try and get a promotion…

  26. I find this to be so inconsiderate as a leader to such a huge company. My daughter , which is a single momo, of 3 , works for Oreiley warehouse , she is a driver, that delivers to the surrounding stores…..she is 4 months pregnant and has been feeling ill….with a sore throat, bad eye infection…..headaches…..she brought this concern to her manager…he toldo her of she missed she should get an occurancw….that it would be best for her to “suck it up”😡……
    That is pretty sad…..considering she is very accurate with her attendance and pruductive as an employee.
    Close your million dollar company up….and protect these people that give you their all to make your company sucessfull!!!
    AND…..YOUR NEW SICK HOUR POLICY “BORROW HOURS IF YOU NEED THEM….BUT HAVE TO PAY THEM BACK” is notas taking care of your people!!!!!!!!


  28. Don’t be closed minded Renee Gore! It’s called online ordering! It’s 2020 and we are stepping up precautions during this severe pandemic! God forbid any O’Reilly employee gets the virus because of money hungry higher ups!!

  29. I work for orielly as well, and if you say they need to close the stores, what happens when your vehicle breaks down… No parts stores open, which also means no shops open because they can’t get parts…. The company is making strong efforts such as stronger housekeeping on all contact points, to make sure the customers are taken care of. If you feel you shouldn’t work during these times, maybe they should consult with their store manager or district manager to get help in these tough times.

  30. I agree that you should close. I bet all your higher up executive employees can work safely from home w/o worries of contracting this virus yet all the frontline employees who make between $9-$12 hr. catch the brunt of risk. They can’t afford to just stay home. They have families that that depend on that paycheck. You should give them a 14 day leave w/pay. Give them peace of mind knowing that they’re safe and not jepordising the health of their families. If you really value your employees over the measly few bucks your making by being open when sales are obviously down, then close, pay them, respect them and do the right thing. There will be government baleouts to help recoup your losses, but a human life can not be re-couperated once lost. Close your stores, give your employees a chance. There’s always online ordering. My family members work for your store. Do the right and humane thing; close.

  31. i also work for Oreilly’s, so how many more cases or even deaths have to happen before you close. shame on you. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY ….

  32. Yes. O Reilly should close. They are really being selfish on their part. You’rewanting them to spray down the counters and keyboards all equipments and etc. What’s that doing and who is that benefiting. You have customers coming in and not being six feet or more they are in your face. Have mechanics outside socializing amd working on cars. Then they coming in and touching other items. They dont have any type of sanitation or anything. Think about your employees and not the money. Stop being greedy. I understand we have to make money to survive but you cant make or spend money of you are sick and in thehospital. O Reilly auto parts can afford to close.

  33. I bet MR. Greg Johnson MR. CEO will not even read these posts, its obvious that he doesn’t.
    as it is said if you don’t mind then it don’t matter..

  34. What about your workers who are at risk (older aged, heart problems, asthma, etc.) ?! So irritating and so irresponsible. What do you plan to do to prevent your everyday EMPLOYEES not just comforting one time customers with just added lackadaisical cleaning requirements. Clearly your concern is based on business arrangements and profits and not the health and well being of your employees. All of your competitors have already closed or have taken way more drastic measures. Really disappointed. If action is not taken I will take this more publicly and express your ignorance and advocate a boycott on your store.

  35. I understand the necessity for auto parts to be open. However, when there are many stores in one city, why not keep one open to work out of and shut the other downs? Then let your high risk and employees over 60 off with Pay-Time-Off without making them use their leave.

    O’Reily should be considerate of their senior employees who still have to work to make ends meet.

  36. o’reilly dc has more than a hundred people in one setting for instance morning meeting, breaks and in the mods working, standing and sitting closely together

  37. O riellys is Definitely a customer-based company employees do not matter we are dispensable. If I bring this home to my mother who is already having health problems with her breathing more then likely it could take her but this company doesn’t care and it shows

  38. To the Mr CEO… I work for oreillys and frankly these people called bosses don’t give a dam about their employees we are under payed for what we do while they receive their bonuses and big checks for him to write that he cares for his employees is crap they don’t care about us and it’s sad that they will shit down only if it’s Mandatory we are around sneezing coughing and sick people and won’t get sent home because we won’t have coverage what is that lots of our employees keep our mouth shut because we say something and we will get our hours cut or fired lots of us are scared but we have to pay our bills so I really wish someone would close them down and would like our CEO to come and talk to employees one on one so he can find out why we are scared no one should have to work like that anywhere that’s why I would not recommend anyone to work for oreilly it the worst company I’ve ever worked for. Hopefully they will shut down during these circumstances at least but they care to much about there millions 👎

  39. I work for O’reilly Auto Parts and I have severe asthma and allergies and eczema I think we should Atleast close earlier like some of our competitors and we should also be getting hazard pay risking ourselves to make the company money isn’t worth it to us employees who are potentially exposed to this scary new virus.

  40. Y’all Need To Shut Down Like All The Mechanic Shops Are Closed So Why Stay Open ! Y’all are being money hungry at this point and it’s sad

  41. This is ridiculous people calm down if everyone would follow this protocol every day in life not just when we have a outbreak we would be fine but not everyone will follow it because they think that they are immune if u don’t want to follow these guidelines please stay home.

  42. I also work the counter for oreillys, and agree with multiple points being made here. the idiots coming into the store and buying un-essential crap like paint, seat covers, stupid led lights, and all those type things need to get the F on… and because of those idiots, the storefront needs to be closed down to walkins, and only offer curbside service. that way were still open to the essential workers and first responders, not morons buying crap and coughing on me at the counter. The comment about the virus being on incoming freight is a very very good point i had not considered, and needs to be addressed as well, not impressed at all with how its being handled… hazard pay anyone? And as of 3/26/2020, some stores will be closing at 730 it seems… stay safe everyone, good luck

  43. How are people supposed to get parts for those who can go to work what if their car breaks down how they gonna get parts and go to work

  44. Curb side service please!!! Keep our relatives working hard alive!!!! Doing curb side will weed out bored people coming into the stores for no good reason! If they really need an item they can call and pay over phone and pick up!!!! Keep our workers from getting sick, other places have taken measures please do not allow people to walk inside stores please! For The Love Of God Please Curb Side Service!!!

  45. I dont think they should close. People need their vehicles for emergencies. If that vehicle breaks down, you must get the parts somewhere.

  46. I also work the counter at oreillys in a state that’s under shutdown for the next month atleast and we still have customers coming in leaning over the counter (there is signs everywhere stating to stay 6ft back) buying nonessential things. No barriers. masks now available as of 3/27 but for how long? We are told to disinfect every 4 hours but its fallen on the 3-4 counter people there to do it while answering all the phones and helping all the customers. The store Still averaging 8k-12k a day..for now. Then “hours will get cut.” We now try to catch people coming in to see what they want and inform them if its nonessential then go back to your homes no window shopping/browsing. The only customers who get angry are the thieves. Where is the hazard pay? Or wage increase for at risk employees? Others companies are doing it.

  47. I agree with you Alysia. Auto parts stores by NY state are deemed NON essential. They need to close temporarily and follow the rest of the businesses that are non essential.

  48. Do with it out. If everything is shut down or if there is a stay at home in place why should getting a part be a concern

  49. how about stop having your dc managers tell their employees they are gonna be fired if they dont hit the dc goals…They have already cut every ones hours so we stay open cause we are essential but lose more pay. some employees have self quarantined them selves because they may have been exposed but no one in the office has said anything to the people they worked with about the situation.. So for new people working in the warehouse welcome to oreillys dc 17 in lubbock tx.

  50. I work for the oreillys company as a manager and think the only way to protect the companies greatest asset is to close the doors for 14 days before you loose them to sickness , or fear or worse death!

  51. Now reported cases in our local store!… so are you hanging signs in the windows advising people or releasing this to the news like other businesses??? They have shut down and totally disinfected why haven’t you??? I swear if my relative catches this you will hear form our attorney on the neglect and secrecy!!! Shut it down for 14 days to allow workers to get well or to determine if others have it or not!!!!! How many people are really on the road and need parts right now? Or have the CEO’s or GM’s man the stores!!!

  52. Pay freeze, no raise during pandemic , no hazard pay, we get paid for the hours we work, nothing more. If we take off for covid 19, sick hours, personal and vacation hours will be used. We wont get paid if we dont have any time. If one cstch the virus they will be paid for up to two weeks. Multi Billuon dollar company .. cheap as crap!

  53. Tiffany, what store or maybe just what area is your local store in? I plan on doing just the same thing (lawyer) if I catch this sickness from these extremely stupid, uneducated, morons still flooding into the store buying non-essentials. It’s a pathetic joke the front doors are open to anyone, still weeks into this mess. Scientist’s are coming out and saying 6 feet apart isn’t enough, maybe more like 20, and that the virus stays floating in the air from sick people after they talk, for up to 3 hours…..

    Being open to the public is a dangerous risk your putting on all of us, the little guys who make bottom of the barrel wages. Where are the district managers and on up working the counters and front lines? Are they out here with us risking their lives for selling air fresheners, spray paint, seat covers, flashing led lights, and general items for sure not deemed essential…. ?
    Didn’t think so…..

    About 10 percent of customers are there for an actual part that reapirs their main vehicle, most people are acting like it’s a government mandated vacation, and just browsing or showing up cause every other store in town is closed… The commercial side of things should be available to those who need it, and if a retail person needs a part, make the phone call, and get it brought out to your vehicle…. Get it together before you’ve got dead team members and their familys after you in court…

  54. As an employee this is a joke we should close down or just do online pick ups because it’s crazy how we are considered essential but These customers are only coming in to buy stuff to wash their cars.Which is a total joke.We’r staying open risking Our lives and our family lives just so that people could wash the dam cars.O’Reilly always talks about the Team spirit which is total bull crap the green stands for greed!!!

  55. They are considered essential. I work for them their safety protocols are lack luster at best most employees at my store dont give a shit. I feel like I am the only one wiping things down on a regular bases. I brought my concerns to the area manager I got a standard corporate responce and then told to days later not to bother him on the weekend.

  56. O’Reilly Automotive doesn’t care if you jave to tend to family or just don’t want to infect the people you live with. At first they said it was ok to not work(without pay of course) if you have a fear of becoming sick. Your job would be safe at least until April 15th. I was an assistant manager at an O’Reilly store in my 3rd year and was told over the phone yesterday that I was permanently laid off. Nicer way of saying “you’re fired!! Don’t be fooled to think that you or anyone else is a valuable asset to the company!!! You are not!!!

  57. I am a worker at o’Reilly and no one is practicing the same guideline so we are at high risk it’s insane!!! I have a household of immune compromised family members who if they get this virus from me will die. They don’t care. I’m in up against a brick wall and don’t know what to do.

  58. Dear T.
    I sincerely hope that you will not continue to work there, I live in a state where all non-essential business are closed! I can’t even imagine why an auto parts place would be necessary!! people could order on line, or pick up order…with just a few essential workers!! I know some one else who works there and she told me that they have 3 shifts going! incredible when does the dying have to start for them to shut down??

  59. Hi Guadalupe,
    Please don’t be crazy! stop working there before you kill yourself and your baby! simple as that!

  60. Hi Dee,
    Recently I saw on the news where a family of 11 had 7 members infected with corona virus and 4 have died so far. You’re right it’s insane—insane for you to risk your life and the lives of your family!! Dee you can find another job…you can you will. I claim it for you in the name of Jesus…

  61. I work the counter for O’Riellys , part time . I am at high risk , health wise ,when there is no benifits for us , no sick , vacation Just Nothing , I guess us part timers have too forfeit our jobs . To stay safe ! Like others commented how people being bored comes into the store to browse . To all higher up the ladder ,it’s time to suit up , with the lower wage back bone workers , and deal with the sneezing , coughing public . Then come up with your input on all of this , and go home and tell your family of your day events . Us part timers are under the same pressure as for sales goals as full timers , with the tuffest hours to try too accomplish our goals . I know that I am just a # that can be replaced at anytime ! Thank all for time to read !

  62. I work at O’Reillys Dc, I have yet to see “Housekeeping” cleaning or keeping up with anything. If I have to work here, risking my life as well as my families, then I should get HAZARD PAY! Paid time off, paid vacation. We all have lives, bills and families. This is crazy, what is this world coming to? Why are people so damn greedy? Something needs to change and fast cause I’m scared everyday that I have to go into this damn warehouse with all these people around me. If you’re gonna stay open and make us work out asses off, you need to pay us hazard pay and paid time off, vacation pay because again,all of us working out RISKING OUR LIVES AS WELL AS OUR FAMILIES. You talk about culture and being a team and helping one another. Then help your workers who are going in busting ass to live day by day. Pay us what we deserve.

  63. I work in a store and they do not believe in ppe and rest of the employees in that store do not believe in cleaning.the manager let go a part time worker cause he was off for virus.they even had the store open on Easter sunday.wonder how they can stay open and in operation when they are that slow.

  64. I’d like to speak to this. Unfortunately Cars don’t care what day it is nor what Virus is spreading, when they break down. O’Reilly’s sells to Many Police, Fire and Sanitation Dept Fleets across the U.S. and All Essential Services. Just an Fyi for you, Federal and almost All State Gov’t’ has labeled car parts stores as Essential themselves. Also, don’t forget All the PPE they carry such ad N95 Masks Face Gaurds and Latex Gloves.

  65. What does your statement about people needing car parts have ANYTHING to do with workers getting treated as they should? Stores have plexiglass between workers and coughing shoppers why do they not care about their workers enough for simple items as these??? And the items you referenced well our local store had no N95 masks on workers and workers had been running out to stores to find these “so called cleaning” materials for all the cleaning they claim to be doing. When workers ask management about concerns HR replied I don’t know what your store does every store is different! What kind of HR person cares so little that they say “I don’t know” behind the phone not in a store…when lives have been lost?! Shame on the owners for not protecting the workers to their full capabilities! Please act not just talk about your care for everyone, show it by making simple changes!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  66. I’m not sure which Oreillys location you work at but I am currently a Delivery Parts Specialist for O’Reilly’s and we are being very diligent in wiping down and cleaning every 4 hours. all things that you/ we touch . We Are on the front line working with people that don’t seem to be taking this coronavirus seriously but yet we are still having to give them customer service and and take care of their needs so we’re putting ourselves out there but we don’t have to. We are allowed to take this time off during this virus and yes we use our sick leave but once the sick leave has ran out then the corporation has offered to give us extended, sick pay. Also, we have been given the necessary cleaners, gloves and masks. I am thankful I am still working giving customers like you the Oreillys customer service YOU deserve. When your battery goes dead maybe call Pizza Hut and ask their delivery driver to save you by charging your battery or checking your alternator or turning your rotors or diagnosing your CHECK ENGINE light. Your welcome. Please come again…..

  67. I’m not sure which Oreillys location you work at but I am currently a Delivery Parts Specialist for O’Reilly’s and we are being very diligent in wiping down and cleaning every 4 hours. all things that you/ we touch . We Are on the front line working with people that don’t seem to be taking this coronavirus seriously but yet we are still having to give them customer service and and take care of their needs so we’re putting ourselves out there but we don’t have to.. Also, we have been given the necessary cleaners, gloves and masks. I am thankful I am still working giving customers like you the Oreillys customer service YOU deserve. When your battery goes dead maybe call Pizza Hut and ask their delivery driver to save you by charging your battery or checking your alternator or turning your rotors or diagnosing your CHECK ENGINE light. Your welcome. Please come again…..

  68. I am not a CEO. I am a parts delivery driver. The safety questions you are asking should be applied to every single business, trucker, grocery store, dollar store, drive up food establishment, gas station attendant, bus driver, etc.
    I know from my personal experience that we have been given the PPE that SUPPOSEDLY keeps us safer then if we didn’t have it. It is up to each human being to take the matter seriously and make a choice. I choose to stay employed. My customers are allowing me to drop at their door. I knock then leave. My fellow team members are wearing the PPE. We are all in this pandemic together. Stay healthy and make choices for your safety. We are staying open for all of you.

  69. I work for the new warehouse in Lebanon,Tn & honestly all the protection we get here are face mask & disposable gloves. I never see anyone wiping nothing down. And I am an O.P. Picker & I want to know how can a picker stay 6feet away from another picker in the same zone & same mod & we pick on top of each other or the totes we touch. I know they don’t get wiped down. And I know ppl aren’t washing hands all the time. Sure the supervisors are safe cause their asses don’t come out the office so NO OReilly doesn’t care about their employees just the money so yes Temporarily shut down but that’s not gonna happen thats why this warehouse has so many walk outs. Lies on top of lies & they still hiring new ppl as we speak not testing them for covid 19 jst same old drug test for hire smh

    1. I understand your worries about the social distance subject your against being a picker. I can’t see you being able to make your coworkers do their social duties by hand washing and wearing the PPE that is suggested. Its up to each person to be responsible. That being said… Rather then trying to take away jobs from 1,000’s of people and their families by having Oreillys shut down. You should voluntarily self quarantine yourself. Maybe you can find a job with no inter action with Any other human or animal. Because there is no stopping this virus. It has to run its course. You can be that leader of warehouse by being the one wiping as much down as you can. I am sorry that you have coworkers that don’t care about their lives enough to wear what’s been suggested. I wouldn’t work for the type of company you are say Oreillys is. Why do u want to? I like my job and my coworkers. Yes…you should find a job that you are happy. I have worked with people like you. Trust me honey…no one will SAVE you. You have to do it yourself. Goodluck

  70. I used to work at O’Reilly and most recently at Advance and I’m glad I left these ingrates.. No hazard pay, lousy benefits and pay, as all of them are posting Billions in profits.. good grief find a new job. These parts stores have forever ruined real counterman positions…

  71. This is worse company I have worked for as well. Team member work hard to reach there goal of 10 billion. So what do we get for that a cheap 62 year coin with a plastic stand that is worth what…. nothing. I’m not saying that I expect anything special for that. It’s a goal and we reached it. BUT that being said. With this virus company has been slow to respond or implement any changes. Floor cleaner to clean counter with…. really. We just got these paper thin mask that protects us from nothing last week. And now threaten you with your job if you deliver and not have it on. Now when people are not on a stay at home order it’s SO important to do it now. When businesses all over the country are doing curb side pick up and helping to keep both customers and employees save. Next time your in a store watch hos many things one person touches. There is no way to clean every item in a store behind every customer. Then someone else come and touches that item and others. Only way to keep teambers and customer save would be to not allow anyone to come into stores. I can guarantee if you could come into work and know that at least only the team members have been in store. Not only would that cut the chance of getting virus way dont. But would show your employees that you care about there safety and not just your profits. Yes it’s a business and yes you need to make money to maintain a company we all get that. But at what cost. At what point do you as a company stand up and say the hell with what other parts places are doing. We are called essential workers. We dont get the a option or a choice for our safety. Either you come to work or get fired. Or lose all sick, vac, you have left and for the following year. AND if you quit In fear for you
    and families saftey you dont get unemployment. See emails saying you will be denied any financial unemployment compensation if you quite. And yet you send out emails telling us how important we are to the company and thanking us for our dedication. When unemployment at 38 million hell we have no choice but to risk our safety. Ya… I may not have and underlining health issues but my family members. It’s sad that I have to live in fear every day. “Praying everyday I have done everything to not being the reason the reason my family has died.” How would you like to live with that for the rest of your life. And all for what?? The little pay we get. People on unemployment are making 2,400.00 more a month then us. While we have no choice. Were essential they say but not important enough to company or government. And even if this Heroses Act is approved. one company has to apply for it. If they arnt doing anthing now. Make you wonder if they would apply.

    1. I must say this in response to any person still working during this pendemic whether its Oreillys, Wal-Mart, Mechanics, Nurses, Drive thru food establishments, Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, gas attendants, Advanced Auto, Napa, Motion, Schucks ETC.
      It is up to each individual human being to protect themselves. IF YOU ARE EXPECTING ANYONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU THEN YOUR WRONG. EVERY TEAM MEMBER IS RECEIVING 150% (50% MORE THEN EARNED) OF THE MONTHLY BONUS CHECKS. So if you would normally get$100.00 your now getting $150.00. Not enough I get it. But it is something. I don’t expect someone else to save my life.
      I take care of me. I won’t take care of you. Be deligent and protect yourselves. Get your own masks. Wear your own gloves. Take care of yourselves. NO ONE WILL EVER DO IT FOR YOU. PULL YOUR BIG GIRLS PANTS UP. STRAIGHTEN THAT CROWN YOUR WEARING AND DO THE BEST YOU CAN WITH WHAT WE HAVE. WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME SITUATION. BLAMING OREILLYS JUST MAKES YOU ALL LOOK RIDICULOUS.

  72. I posted here as well. But when I check back for replies it’s no longer here. Hmmmmmm I guess truth hurts. I seen some post here about if you didnt like it then get another job. Well if it was so easy to find a job there wouldnt be 38 million Americans on unemploment right now would there be.

  73. They laid off 30% of their company as their stock prices went up. Funny how it happened right after the stimulus check almost like they knew they were going to get a boost. So let’s lay off a bunch of people. They didn’t give our store masks until a month-and-a-half after this started and they are made out of t-shirt material that you can blow a candle out through. They’ve been hiding that one of our stores on Hull Street and Richmond has had seven cases. Employees were not made aware we only found out by Word of Mouth from fellow employees. We barely have anybody running the stores. As a matter of fact our DM RM and the lost prevention guy are working as counter people. Meanwhile the company just keeps getting richer. My stores at less than half staff. But how do they make it all better you ask by giving me a 1% Commission on top of the .5% that I already make so essentially nothing. By the way that check only comes once a month. They’re trying to get stores to stay open as long as possible when they don’t have the staff just so they can make money.

  74. I am thoroughly disgusted and angry as hell that OReillys remains open during a pandemic that is wiping out entire families. Your love of the all mighty dollar is more important than a life. I have a relative that works at a store and the “increased housekeeping and sanitation efforts “ are a complete joke. These efforts have to actually be put into practice for them to be effective. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? One week ago May 27 my son came home and said we have to wear masks now. By the time he went to bed hid GM called and said go get tested because two other team members have tested positive for COVID. Now the store manager in in the hospital on a ventilator, my son tested positive, I’m positive and my wife who is immune deficient is positive. All of this because YOU are ignorant. When the state of GA began to shut down I called the corporate office to ask why OReillys was staying open. I got this BS answer that you were an “essential “ business. Well guess what my son is essential to us, my wife is essential to us and I am essential to our family. You took the wrong path OReillys by staying open. You gambled with human life and it’s better for you to answer to your shareholders than to do the right thing. YOU ARE DISGUSTING.

  75. I get it …I am also an employee and see the greed this company has while saying it’s protecting us and the customers…
    Sales at our store doubled…when the pandemic started.. essential items only … what a f’ing joke..Everybody off work thinking it’s a paid vacation came in for projects that they now have time to get to…. while making $600 bonus on there unemployment a week while we have to bust our azz exposing ourself to the idiots coming in… making half that a week working 6 days a week because we have no ppl to work either….I’m so pissed…we definitely should have gotten hazard pay..or the option to take unemployment from the start…..Our store out of our whole district had to stay open longer than our normal hours because sales were so far above everyone elses that got to close earlier than there normal time….
    I don’t know what half staff for you is but we have 5 ppl total with the manager …me and manager open…I do all the jobs from assistant to delivery driver everyday till noon then we get 2 ppl and they close…I’m so fed up with the pass were going at I’m so close to walking out….. commercial accounts yelling at me because they have to wait 15 min longer on a filter because I have to take care of ppl in the store first before I leave…phones ringing off the hook for stupid shet ppl can look up on line thereself…or the ppl calling to see if the part they ordered came in….Well yes it’s here did you get a call saying it wasn’t…OMG

    And as for the 150% commission…f that …I want a true flat rate… we cant tell ppl that they can’t come in without mask… although it says right on my door REQUIRED … essential items are not air fresheners…or a battery for you boat….who’s benefiting from this? Looks likeO O O O’Reilly Auto Parts …. while we employees get a pin that came out of a 10¢ candy machine bragging how much money they made…..

  76. Hi there,
    It seems good to see all the steps whatever you are trying to take for the protection from COVID-19. I hope that people of our community also try to maintain hygiene activity for their customers and workers. So that it will become an effective step. What kind of implemented guidelines you have followed for the affected one of your team or workers?

  77. Hi Mr. Johnson,
    I appreciate your reservations about whether you are resistant to becoming a picker on social space. I don’t see why you would allow your coworkers to conduct their social duties by hand washing and wearing the recommended PPE. You have to be accountable to every individual. This said … then threaten to steal work from workers and their families by closing down Oreillys. You will be quarantining yourself willingly. Perhaps you can find work with any human without interaction. That this infection isn’t prevented. He will head his direction. By being the one who wipes down you could be that warehouse leader. I ‘m sorry you have coworkers
    Don’t care sufficiently for your lives to carry what was implied. That is the sort of company you claim, Oreillys, I will not work with. What would you like to? I and my team enjoy my work. Hey, you need to pursue a job you are happy for. I’ve been living with all you guys. Honey … no one’s there to rescue you. It’s gonna to be your own Happiness.

  78. Your initiatives are good and healthy. And everyone should follow this type of hygienic procedure to keep him/herself safe.

  79. It seems good to see all the steps you ‘re trying to take to protect against COVID-19. I hope our community people will also try to maintain the hygiene activity for their customers and employees. So it becomes an important move. Which kind of enforced guidelines did you follow for one of your team or employees affected?
    what’s about their job security?

  80. It’s really very informative for everyone. In this article every step is very important to follow. It will be helpful to overcome the situation.

  81. Your initiatives are positive, and successful. And all should follow this kind of hygienic protocol to keep him / her safe.

  82. Seeing all the steps you ‘re trying to take to defend yourself from COVID-19 seems interesting. I hope that our society can also seek to maintain the hygiene practice for their clients and employees. So it’s becoming a significant move. What kind of followed guidelines did you obey for one of your impacted team or employees?
    What’s their health at work about?

  83. Thanks for sharing the topic and it’s very helpful to me

  84. What I dont understand is why yall put a sign up saying not to enter the building if we have one symptom of the virus if your not going to compensate us for not being able to work. With this being said I became I’ll over the wknd and ran a fever. Just to be safe and make sure I went and got tested on monday. Was told I couldn’t return to work. Missed 48 hrs of work. I live paycheck to paycheck havent had a raise in 17 months so I’m living off 9.44 an hr and I have been with oreillys since 2011. How is that fair that I lost time due to something out of my control? I was told I had to be exposed…well we are all exposed everyday. Especially us delivery drivers that deal more with the outside part of oreillys. I love my job but this not being taken care of has be considering looking at other options.

  85. Why is it that o’reilly employees do not have to wear masks during this pandemic? Why is it customers are allowed in the store without a mask? That’s ridiculous and a complete slap in the face to those trying to follow the guidelines and wear a mask to stay safe and then go into the store and see the employees not wearing a mask! They need to be boycotted!

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