Some bad news and some good news.

Once Craven County got past a supercluster of family, friends, and co-workers that originated in Lenoir County, it settled back into a relentlessly consistent rate of increase about five times greater than it was before the cluster emerged. (That’s the bad news.)

On the other hand, the number of recovered cases is outpacing the number of new cases, the number of hospitalizations has remained steady, and the number of deaths has decreased from four in April, to one each in May and June.

The last statistical update from New Bern Post was June 22, due to a staff shortage caused by day-job requirements. Between June 22 and July 1, there were 50 new cases reported in Craven County, an average of five cases per day.

At present rates, Craven County is about to overtake Lenoir County in the number of cases, but not in cases per capita, which Lenoir leads among the eight-county region in and around Craven County.


Because it has been awhile since the last New Bern Post update, here are some other data-graphics for your information:


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  1. The picture is mixed and of course it is hard to know, what offical advice to rely on.

    Be safe and know that, in doing so, you are protecting others.

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