Earlier today, New Bern Post had a story reporting that New Bern has among the lowest car insurance rates in the nation.

It’s a good thing, because New Bern residents as a whole aren’t very good managing their money.

A WalletHub study shows that New Bern is in the 20th percentile for money management. The lower the percentile score, the worst the money management.

New Bern isn’t alone in poor money management in Eastern North Carolina. Greenville’s percentile is 22 percent. Kinston’s percentile ranking is 15 percent. Jacksonville’s percentile is 2 percent. Yes — 2 percent.

Remember, low percentiles are bad and high percentiles are good.

Money Management in New Bern

Rank (out of 2,572)CityPercentile Rank*Median Credit ScoreCredit-Card Debt-to-Income RatioMortgage Debt-to-Income RatioCar-Loan Debt-to-Income RatioStudent-Loan Debt-to-Income RatioAvg. Number of Late Payments
2,056New Bern206846.58%373.90%47.23%59.22%3.64
*Best = 99th Percentile

Here are some more numbers:

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