Initial damage assessments have been completed in the City of New Bern. Final numbers: $74.5 million in residential damage from Hurricane Florence, and $25.6 million in commercial damage.

Downtown, where much of the damage occurred, is subject to stringent rules for property owners needing to make repairs.


“Please be aware that all proposed modifications to all properties within New Bern’s Historic Districts are subject to approval by the HPC (or HPC Administrator for minor works) in the form of a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA),” the city reported.

“However, the HPC would like you to know that all repairs made that are ‘replacement-in-kind’ are perfectly allowable. This means that the repairs made make no modification to what previously existed, but are simply replacements of damaged elements or materials in the same configurations as they existed.”

Prior to beginning work for “replacement-in-kind,” contact Morgan J. Potts, City Planner/HPC Administrator, at 252-639-7583 to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness.

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