New Bern Chief of Police Toussaint E.Summers, Jr. offered his condolences in the slaying of a Minnesota man at the hands of police there.

Chief Summers posted a letter on his department’s Facebook wall on Friday. It said:

“From the Office of the Chief of Police
May 29, 2020

“Today, our sincerest sympathies and condolences are extended to George Floyd’s family and friends.

“New Bern Chief of Police Toussaint E. Summers, Jr. joins police chiefs across the state and across the country in denouncing the actions of police officers during his arrest, which ultimately led to his death. The actions of these officers appear without merit and justification. This unacceptable police behavior ruptures the fabric of public trust in law enforcement. It goes against our professional code of conduct and defies our commitment to protect and serve all people.

“The New Bern Police Department works tirelessly to foster positive relationships and partnerships with everyone in our community. As law enforcement officials, we must always adhere to the high standards of fair treatment, dignity, and respect toward all individuals each and every day.

“Those standards were abandoned in this arrest and we strongly condemn this behavior.

“George Floyd’s family, friends, his community, and the Minneapolis Police Department remain in our thoughts and prayers.”

Chief Summers signed the letter.

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