I was using the Find My Friend function on my iPhone when I noticed the satellite image showed a lot of activity in Downtown New Bern.

(Quick mansplaining: Find My Friend uses real-time location data superimposed on a map, satellite image, or hybrid to show locations of people you share location data with. It is an IOS-only app, although I am sure Android devices have something similar.)

The satellite image of New Bern that Find My Friend uses was taken in the fall during Mumfest sometime in the last year or two. I checked using Apple’s Maps app and found the Mumfest satellite images there, as well.

Satellite images of Downtown New Bern using other apps, such as Google Maps and Google Earth, were taken at other times and don’t show Mumfest.

Here are a few:

Image shows the outdoor gallery at the corner of Broad and Middle streets. Apple Maps image


Parking is at a premium during Mumfest weekend. Apple Maps image


Image shows Craven Street between Pollock and Broad streets, as well as part of Broad Street the top. Apple Maps image


Image shows the carnival grounds near the downtown traffic circle. Apple Maps image


Image shows booths and displays at Union Point Park. Apple Maps image


Image centers on the block bounded by Broad, Craven, South Front, and Middle streets. Apple Maps image






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