New Bern has some of the cheapest auto insurance in the United States, according to a recent report by Insurify on the state of the Auto Insurance Industry. 

This report also identified the main regional factors that may result in lower insurance rates:

  • Lower risk of extreme weather and crime rates
  • Relatively lenient local laws and regulations
  • Lower traffic congestion

New Bern ranks 8th nationally with an average rate of $730. Asheville, Chapel Hill, and Statesville also made the Top 10 list.

North Carolina dominates the Top 10 list, with four cities represented. Arizona has two cities, with four cities — California, Hawaii, Maine, and Pennsylvania rounding out the final numbers.

Find out more information on the factors affecting cost and coverage, unexpected impacts on the Auto Insurance Industry from COVID-19, and a 2021 industry outlook in The Insurify Annual Report:

The Insurify Annual Report is an analysis of 25.5 million car insurance quotes. It takes a closer look at the elements driving pricing trends over the past year, recaps major events in the auto insurance landscape this year, and includes a look ahead to car insurance costs in 2021.

As for the bottom 10, here they are:

Whereas North Carolina dominates the Top 10 list, Florida, Michigan, and Maryland share the Bottom 10 list nearly equally.

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