I woke up today flooded with photos from this day 2 years ago.  While much has been accomplished, there is still much to be done.

CCDRA (Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance) is still working to put families back in their homes. Two years post Florence and there are still nearly 1,400 cases waiting to be helped.  Many of these families are living in conditions we couldn’t imagine outside of Third World countries.

But–there is still much for which to be grateful and to build upon. In the two years since Florence our Long Term Recovery Partners have made great strides.

In 2019 there were 1,033 volunteers who made trips to ENC to help with rebuilds.  This year, 2020, there have only been 96.  Now more than ever, in the days of COVID, local volunteers are critical!

Fuller Center Disaster Rebuild: 63 homes rebuilt–44 in Craven, 17 in Pamlico, 1 in Carteret and 1 in Beaufort County.  4 Homes in Duffyfield, one of the poorest and hardest hit areas in Craven County.  3 Mobile Homes (this is a very difficult problem as there are very few people skilled in dealing with mobile home repair). There are plans to complete 3 homes in September.  Through generous donations, Fuller Center has invested $1.5 million into those 63 homes. For additional information on Fuller Center Contact: Rusty Cready 252-626-0443

Baptist Mission: Since September 2018 the Baptist Mission has taken on 288 cases.  115 of those homes are complete.  They are working on 71 homes currently and have 102 still waiting.  New cases are coming in everyday.  Again, all of these homes and families have been in need since Florence.  Baptist on Mission has made a home here in New Bern, purchasing a property on Old Cherry Point Road to house both supplies and volunteers.  For More Information on Baptist on Mission contact Chris Queensberry: 252-514-8868

Catholic Charities: (Covering Craven, Beaufort, Carteret, Jones, Onslow and Pamlico Counties) They have served more than 3,200 people with financial aid in a variety of ways.  Rent Assistance, Security Deposits for new housing, Utilities, Food Assistance, Repair costs, and Gas Cards.  The Catholic Charities has given away nearly $485,000 in the two years since Florence.  And there is much left to be done.  For More information about Catholic Charities contact Agnes Barber: 252-638-3657

Habitat for Humanity: In August Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Rebuild helped 40 families go home.  They are working with many other families trying to apply for Rebuild NC money to help complete the projects with money funded by the State.  For More Information about Habitat for Humanity- Craven County contact Betsy McDonald at 252-633-9599 .

Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance:  The CCDRA’s mission is the long term recovery of Craven County.  CCDRA is an ALLIANCE in that we bring together many different organizations for the sole purpose of helping the people of Craven County recover after any type of disaster.  Matthew, and then Florence helped form this group into a very organized, more streamlined association.  In Partnership with our Long Term Recovery groups we are working still to help nearly 1,400 households outside of those taken on by the other LTRG groups.  There is so much left to be done and with Donations and Volunteers down, we, now more than ever, need the support of our community.  CCDRA is routinely applying for Grant money to help fund the rebuild and we are proud to have helped many families already.  In September, CCDRA helped 4 families get back into their homes in August.  We are working on 4 more right now and we have 11 projects pending Grant Money.    In addition to the work CCDRA is doing to help rebuild post Florence, the group has also been working to help Craven County through our latest disaster, COVID-19.  CCDRA has supplied handmade masks to non-profits and first responders across Craven County and continues to do so.  

Jami Turner
Communication Chair
Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance (CCDRA)
A house in the Woodrow neighborhood of New Bern collapsed upon itself during Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Randy Foster / New Bern Post

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