Pamlico News announces it is temporarily shutting down.

The Pamlico News, the Oriental-based weekly newspaper that has covered local news since 1968, is temporarily shutting down due a severe slowdown in advertising revenue.

Businesses have stopped advertising, sapping the paper of operating funds, the paper said in a front-page article.

The article said the paper would return in three weeks.

Meanwhile, the County Compass continues to be chock full of advertising surrounding its stridently right-wing coverage of the pandemic.

In New Bern, the Sun Journal laid off it’s last sports reporter, Jordan Honeycutt, whose last day was Friday.

Honeycutt has been dividing his time between New Bern and Kinston, one person doing the job that once required required six reporters.

Gannet, which owns the Sun Journal, is the largest newspaper chain in the nation but has been struggling under the weight of COVID-19 impacts.

It has furloughed workers, cut executive pay, and now, on Friday, went through yet another round of layoffs.

The Sun Journal newsroom once housed nearly 20 journalists. Today, it limps along with six, with an editor it shares with several other newspapers.

Laying off Honeycutt is a staff reduction of 12.5 percent.

Newspapers have been struggling for some time, but COVID-19 has been particularly ravaging.


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