Email New Bern Post received today through its contact form:

Gavin Macredie Singh
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Hello Sir!I hope u doing well today!My name is Alex Cortez and I am contact you from TruLife Distribution company. I do marketing for company.Plz listen careful as important!I will require you to

1) leave a 5 star review for us on GMB and Trust Pilot (link removed) 

2) like our video and watch it for 60 seconds minimum (link removed)

3) visit our site and add bookmark (link removed)

4) Like Insta and Facebook page (links removed)

If you do not comply, I will have no choice and blast your website with porn backlinks. This will kill your Google rankings. I advice you comply with above. As a bonus, I will leave u positive review too. But if you do not do I will start spam links to in 3 days. You can check your site, I build 1000 spam links already. No worry, I remove once u do above.I hope u understand we dont want do – this so easy for you to quickly do above and no problems and I remove spam links from newbernpost.comThank you for cooperation. If any question, u let me know.Yours sincerelyAlex Cortez


  1. Randy, I cannot decide whether to laugh or cry over this ignorant blackmailer. Just when I think the world has gone absolutely crazy….I realize it is possible to be even crazier.

  2. Of course a response to this preposterous blackmail could include the comment that you couldn’t possibly give a positive review until all the misspellings and grammatical errors were corrected because otherwise you would really need to report them to the Editorial Police!

  3. So… should we expect some porn soon?
    I received a call yesterday from someone claiming they were from Visa & Mastercard & they were offering to pay off any credit card debt I had! (Covid relief of course.)
    What a world!!

  4. Well, as long as he talk right english you better have do what he’d said!!

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