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I understand from a download I received that a new Apple manufacturing plant is to be built in North Carolina- probably near Raleigh. This is news to me but perhaps well known to your readers.

With your interest in the VOLT Center I think this bit of news is pertinent to New Bern, and Craven County. Craven County could build a subsidiary plant in Industrial Park to supply parts Apple will need, and CCC could train people for good-paying jobs at this subsidiary (rather than more and more hair-dressers).

The reactionaries on the Craven County Board of Commissioners may want to look forward for a change rather than backward. Their public stance in the past as self-important popinjays holding up a not wanted sign to immigrants, and now a partisan look at education appalls me. I think it does others as well.

John Phaup of New Bern


  1. Does this coment serve a purpose other than to make you feel good about supporting immigration / liberal votes

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