Updated with information about ventilators

How prepared is CarolinaEast based on the possibility of the virus striking hard in our area? 

We are as prepared as we can be. We have created multiple additional care areas outfitted with isolation rooms, we have inventoried ventilators and all personal protective equipment, and we are cross training staff, among other things. Of course preventive measures such as visitor restrictions, stopping elective surgeries to conserve PPE, the screening of everyone entering the building for symptoms, etc.

Do Ray Leggett (president and CEO of CarolinaEast) or the Contract Company that staffs the ER have any comment or insights they wish to share? 

Just that our front line staff have been incredible in their dedication to our organization and their profession.

Do they have PPE, ventilators, appropriate staffing, policies, and procedures, etc. in place? 

Yes to all of these, absolutely.

How many ventilators do you have?

The types of ventilators vary and I do not have exact numbers, but we have the capacity to ventilate twice as many patients as we typically would.

We have more ventilators than we typically have ICU rooms. We do not want to publish our specific numbers because it is an ever-changing number as we are identifying as many ways as possible to meet the needs of our patients before they arise.

— Brandy Popp, Manager, Public Relations and Outreach, CarolinaEast Health System

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