A worker at a New Bern restaurant named HWY 55 Burgers Shakes and Fries came in contact with an individual who later tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, the restaurant chain reported.

Kenney Moore, founder of HWY 55 Burgers Shakes and Fries, said, “It’s true we had a waitstaff member come in contact with an individual outside of the restaurant and that individual subsequently tested positive for the virus.”

The contact affected the New Bern restaurant on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and not the store in James City, the company said.

“Our team member did work one shift after coming in contact with him and has been quarantined since. She has NO symptoms and is voluntarily staying home for 14 days. We are seven days in and she has no symptoms. The day after she worked, we did a deep clean of the store just to be safe and no other team member has any symptoms.

“This is a difficult time for everyone but I promise we would never endanger any of our people or our guests,” Moore said. “I’d appreciate you posting this or at least make everyone aware that it is safe to eat in the New Bern Hwy 55.”

There has been one case in Craven County where an individual has tested positive.


  1. Is this true about hwy 55 in new Bern..and if so what day did she work. I eat there all the time and we the public need to know if we were there on the day she/ he worked . Thank you

  2. Someone please comment on this. Did the person at the Hwy 55 in New Bern work on Monday March 16 and at what time was that person there?

    1. Chill, it is very scary. I for 1 have only been outside my yard at 8 times, Dr. Apptmts,a Pharmacy( talk about germs) & 2 stores since the end of Feb. Our astute & most thorough planning Pastor has 9:30 services on every other Pew then at 10:30 the exact same service is held on the 9:30 empty Pews. We sit in family groups but don’t shy from our Brothers & Sisters in Christ. I hold my hymnal up in front of my face, no mask, blocking any virus or germs from the empty Pew in front of me. How dare blame an employee or facility with no clue of exposure OR the Restaurant. If there are those UP IN ARMS afraid & complaining, DON’T EAT OUTSIDE YOUR HOME! We’re all in this together & NO ONE has a crystal ball. Babbies, elderly & those with underlying Pulmonary Disease are most at risk of dying. As for the rest if us, wash your hands, stand far from others in stores, waiting for 1 person to clear a grocery aisle & if we younger healthy folks catch COVID we will probably be I’ll with flu like symptoms but by the Grace of God, we will most likely live, develop antibodies with no worries of catching it again. A vaccine is just around the corner. Paranoia & berating an unassuming person trying to earn a living helps no one.

    2. Are you for real? If you are NOT over 80, have COPD from years of smoking cigarettes or are sick with cancer CHILL OUT! The person sitting 10 feet away from you didn’ t spew germs, touch your food or utensils. Employees are wearing masks, thus protecting themselves & those they serve. This employee took an order while masked, didn’ t sneeze cough or sit on anyone’ s lap. IF YOU were wearing a protective mask the entire time in the facility except when your head was face down eating you are fine
      OH MY GOSH!! WHAT TIME WAS THIS LEPER INSIDE, SHOW ME WHERE THEY SAT!! I bet you convinced yourself of headaches, sore throat & difficulty breathing after eating there. If you are in such an uproar. STAY HOME & DON’T EAT MEALS INSIDE RESTAURANTS or go anywhere near another person..
      How about the cardboard cereal box you touched at the grocery store that a COVID patient touched earlier in the day.. Guess what, the virus dies on cardboard in 4 hours. Choose the box in the rear & stop mass paranoia. Prayer is better than worry & fear.

      1. Author

        You are commenting on something that happened months ago when little was known about the virus.

  3. Rebekah, did you get a responds yet?

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