Habitat for Humanity of Craven County committed to repairing 44 homes in the wake of Hurricane Florence and the unparalleled damages that struck our community through the neighborhood revitalization program. To date 22 homes have been completed in Craven and Jones County. We are honored to have an opportunity to partner with families who are still trying to recover from Hurricane Florence. As a result of partnering, these families who had no other means or support to repair their homes are now in safe, healthy housing.

Habitat for Humanity of Craven County is proud to announce the recent completion of four homes through the program. Homeowners in Duffyfield, Sunnyside and western Craven county were assisted. Project tasks included repairs to flooring, windows, roofs, gutters, sheetrock, decking and access ramps.

One homeowner in the Pembroke community, Ms. Lillie Brimmage, is finally returning home after more than a year of living displaced with family and friends due to Hurricane Florence. Ms. Brimmage is overjoyed to be back in her homeand is ready for life to resume normalcy. The damage to her home was extensive as she took several feet of water inside of her home causing a need for repairs to the roof, heating and cooling systems, insulation, sheet rock, and much more. 

Extensive damages are often unexpected and hardworking homeowners can find themselves unprepared to pay large repair costs upfront in the wake of a devastating storm such as Hurricane Florence. That’s where Habitat for Humanity of Craven County steps in and can offer subsidized repayment options for qualified applicants to help recover and bring life back into their own home and subsequently the neighborhood. 

Antoinette Boskey, Neighborhood Revitalization Director states that “neighborhood revitalization is all about creating an improved quality of life through holistic community development and empowerment of residents. We understand that when disasters like Hurricane Florence affect a community, rates of marginalization tend to increase amongst vulnerable populations. For this reason, we have focused our efforts on low income families in Jones and Craven counties, partnering with these families and empowering them to be able to take an active role in their individual recovery and the recovery of their community.”

If you are struggling to recover from Hurricane Florence or need assistance with home repairs, please contact our office at 252-633-9599 to learn more about program requirements and how to begin the application process. 

Habitat for Humanity of Craven County builds affordable single-family and duplex homes in Craven County and has been actively addressing the affordable housing crisis since 1989. In addition to building new homes, Habitat for Humanity of Craven County also repairs existing homes to keep homeowners in their homes to age in place comfortably or to recover following disasters or unexpected damages. For more than 30 years, Habitat for Humanity of Craven County has assisted more than 100 individuals and families to achieve their dream of homeownership through our affordable housing program andremain in their home through our neighborhood revitalization critical repairs program. In addition to these programs, Habitat for Humanity focuses on educating and empowering potential homebuyers and current homeowners through homebuyer education and disaster preparedness education series.

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