1. What’s wrong with a “fishing expedition” once in a while. I’m going this afternoon.
    “Fishing expeditions” are particularly helpful when authorities do not voluntarily and willingly reveal information in their possession. One example would be the Clerk of Court for each county, who has information about people who got out of jury duty by claiming they were not citizens.
    One way or the other, the U.S. Attorney is getting the information needed — voluntarily or by “fishing.”

  2. I disagree that this particular “fishing expedition” is harmless. It represents nothing less than a gross invasion of a voter’s expectation of privacy, a cornerstone of any system of free and fair elections. Not to mention the VAST expenditure of taxpayer supported money and resources at a particularly busy time in the election cycle. A more Machiavellian mind might suspect that that is EXACTLY the point. One more way that the ruling Party seeks to stack the deck against the competition. You say that it somehow protects against illegal voting? NEVER has there ever been a hint of proof that that has EVER occurred except in cases so statistically rare as to lend an example to the adjective “astronomical”.

    1. 19 non-citizens were recently indicted for illegally voting. 19 just in Eastern North Carolina is not “never;” is more than a “hint;” and is exempt from “astronomical.”

      Talking points expire as facts unfold.

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