State of North Carolina

EXECUTIVE ORDER 116: Declaration of a State of Emergency to Coordinate Response & Protective Actions to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

EXECUTIVE ORDER 117: Prohibiting Mass Gatherings & Directing the Statewide Closure of K-12 Public Schools to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

EXECUTIVE ORDER 118: Limiting Operations of Restaurants & Bars & Broadening Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Response to COVID-19
(See FAQs sheet for additional guidance on EO118)

EXECUTIVE ORDER 119: Facilitating Critical Motor Vehicle Operations & Delegating Authority to the Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services to Waive Regulations in Order to Expand Access to Child Care & Support Local Health Departments

EXECUTIVE ORDER 120: Additional Limitations on Mass Gatherings, Restrictions on Venues & Long-Term Care Facilities, & Extension of School Closure Date (May 15)

EXECUTIVE ORDER 121:  Stay at Home Order & Specific Directions for North Carolina in Response to Increasing COVID-19 Cases
(FAQs sheet for understanding the stay at home order)

EXECUTIVE ORDER 124: Assisting North Carolinians by Prohibiting Utility Shut-Offs, Late Fees, and Reconnection Fees; Providing Guidance About Restrictions on Evictions; and Encouraging Telecommunications Providers, Banks, and Mortgage Servicers to Provide Assistance and Flexibility to Their Customers

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