To our GoFundMe community

Over the last week, people across the country have stood up in the face of injustice and systemic racism plaguing the black community. We’ve seen an outpouring of global support on GoFundMe for George Floyd’s family, peaceful protesters demanding change, and organizations fighting for equality and accountability.

The issues people are voicing are deep-rooted and require meaningful change. We understand that to drive change we must get involved and take action. To help drive that change, today we’ve created the Justice & Equality Fund to support organizations and people that are dedicated to addressing both urgent needs and systemic problems. We have committed $500,000 to start the Fund, which will initially focus on bail, racial justice, and law enforcement reform.

Solving the deep, structural issues that have caused these nationwide protests will take empathy and dedication. We are committed to a sustained effort to create change and look forward to working with you to help our society become more equitable.


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